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Why Powderless DTF Printer is T-shirt Printing Game Changer?

The launch of DTF printer has provided diverse printing solutions to cotton or other fabrics, breaking the limitation of sublimation printing which only prints on polyester-based fabrics. However, with the popularity of DTF printing, a problem also occurs: patterns of DTF printing is of hard touching feeling and poor breathability.

To overcome this problem, revolutionary powderless DTF printer has been studied out. As introduced in the latest DTF printer buyer’s guide, this game-changing DTF printing solution requires no powder (powder free), starts from 2024, it will become a good supplement to T-shirt printing market and digital printing industry. This article will make a detailed introduction to this new type Direct to Film printing machine.

What is Powderless DTF Printer? - DTF Printer without Powder

Before explaining what is powderless DTF printer, it is important to know the definition of DTF printing. As explained in a most popular DTF printer guide, DTF is short as “Direct to Film”, a digital printing technique that prints on the film and then transfers directly to the film. In the direct-to-film printing process, there is a necessary step where hot melt powder (DTF powder) is sprinkled evenly onto the pattern to ensure that the pattern is able to be pressed and attached onto the surface of different fabrics. Due to the special powder, the printed pattern always feel hard and is not breathable. Besides, there may be powder residents on the edge of the pattern if the operation is improper.

To solve this, powderless DTF printer provides a good solution. As the name implies, powderless DTF printer is a kind of DTF printer that does not use hot melt powder in the DTF printing process. The powderless DTF printer prints glue adhesive instead to the PET film without shaking powder. It will to some degree avoid possible printing problems and has less harm to human body.

Printing Process of Powderless DTF Printer

The printing process of powderless DTF printer is optimized, it is easy to operate than (traditional) DTF printer, only requires three steps to get final optimal result, the 3 steps are: design, printing, heat transfer.

Printing Process of Powderless DTF Printer - 3 Steps

Step 1. Design

You need to design the pattern on the computer first of all and transform it to the right image format to make sure it will be printed successfully.

Step 2. Print by the Powderless DTF Printer

After step 1, you can directly print the pattern to the PET film by powderless DTF printer. In this step, powder shaking is replaced. Instead, the printer will print glue on the film directly as special adhesive.

Step 3. Heat Transfer

After the direct to transfer printing, you can use the automatic DTF film cutter to cut the film and then put it on the heat press machine to transfer the pattern to the fabrics such as T-shirt. 

The automatic DTF intelligent automated heat press carousel is a better option if you run a large scale printing business, or wanted to finish more orders at the same time.

Top 6 Advantages of Powderless DTF Printer

Compare to the popular DTF printer in the market, the benefits of latest powderless DTF printer include: easier operation, environmental protection, quieter working environment, better hand touching feeling,DTF ink cost saving, excellent color fastness and wider range of applications.

  1. Easier operation. With the powderless DTF printer, the process of powder shaking (in traditional DTF printing) is reduced, making it more convenient to operate the printer and will take less time, this improves the DTF printing efficiency as well.
  2. Environmental protection and no noise pollution. Due to the powderless feature, this type DTF printer will not produce smoke which is harmful to both environment and human body. In addition, there will be no noise in the working environment, create a quieter working atmosphere.
  3. Better hand touching feeling. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the printed patterns touch soft and are of good air permeability. No glue feeling enables it to shows the texture of the fabric itself. The patterns transferred by fine flower types are clear and bright in color.
  4. DTF ink cost saving. White substrates can be printed directly by color ink by powderless DTF printer, which saves ink cost greatly. Moreover, using white ink to print dark-colored fabrics will get more colorful results.
  5. Excellent color fastness. Printed patterns of powderless DTF printer are of great stretch, high color fastness, water resistance and green.
  6. Wide range of applications. Powderless DTF printer can realize the prints on all fabrics, leather rolls, metals, wooden boards, glass, ceramics and other plates materials, suitable for more substrates and decoration field. You can expand your business confidently with the help of no powder DTF printer.

Applications of Powderless DTF printer

As mentioned above, one of the advantages of no powder DTF printer is its wide range of applications in different substrates like all fabrics, leather products, glass items and etc. That means you can develop business in fashion industry, decoration industry, advertising promotion industry, personalized customization industry and more. Owning no powder DTF printer brings endless possibilities to your business.

DTF Printer vs Powderless DTF Printer, What Are the Differences?

In fact, the largest difference between (traditional) DTF printer and no powder DTF printer is the powder shaking part. But there are some other subtle differences, the following comparison table explains well.


DTF Printer (Traditional)

Powderless DTF Printer

Equipment Required

Printer, powder shaker and curing oven

Printer and curing oven

Color Performance

Sometimes white printing may perform not well

All the color performances are good

Water Fastness

4-5 degree

4-5 degree

Dry Frictionality

3-4 degree

4 and higher degree

Wet Frictionality

3 degree

4 and higher degree


Not good





Touch feeling

Hard and glue feeling

Soft and comfortable

Film thickness

Thick thickness

Almost no thickness

Market Expectation of Powderless DTF Printer

Powderless DTF printing technique is a new revolution based on the present DTF printing technique, beneficial to solving the various problems existing in the current market. The no powder DTF printer brings better final printing results, bidly widen the application and provides more environmentally friendly solution. It can be seen that the powderless DTF printer will occupy the mainstream definitely in the future.

To follow the trend, SUBLISTAR will also be dedicated to exploring the new DTF printing trend. Click the button to make a subscription to get the latest news.


Is no powder DTF printer more expensive?

Actually, the no powder DTF printer is cost-saving because it does not have powder shaker which tends to be expensive.

Easier operation, environmental protection and quieter working environment, better hand touching feeling, save ink cost, excellent color fastness and wide range of applications.

Design → Printing → Curing → Heat transfer

No powder DTF printer can print on all fabrics, leather rolls, metals, wooden boards, glass, ceramics and other plates materials.

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