What is the best DTF PET Film Printer on the market in 2021?

What is the DTF PET Film Printer? As far as the digital printing industry is concerned. The term “shaking powder” has not diminished. Since 2020. There have been no more than two hot spots in the industry. One is the print head, and the other is the DTF PET Film Printer.
Today, we will focus on what the best digital Korotkoff heat transfer is and what aspects can be called a good DTF PET Film Printer.
Now DTF PET Film Printer is not only well-known but also manufacturers have sprung up. But when there are more manufacturers, consumers are easily dazzled when buying. And they don’t know how to choose. In addition, some merchants pretend to be inferior products. This leads to chaos in the current digital offset heat transfer market.
We have to distinguish good quality DTF PET Film Printer. Which is to look at the parts of the DTF PET Film Printer machine. The choice of each part is not random collocation or combination. Take the nozzle of the DTF PET Film Printer machine as an example, our nozzle has always been EPSON I3200.

1. The difference between the white ink circulation system
The second is the white ink circulation system. Now whether it is DTF PET Film Printer or DTG Printer, a white ink circulation system has been added to prevent nozzle clogging. But this does not mean that the white ink circulation system will not block the print head. This also depends on the specific location of the ink circulating in the white ink circulation system.
Our brand has done a number of tests for this purpose. The white ink circulation system of the DTF PET Film Printer of some manufacturers circulates in the ink tube. The ink in the ink bottle and the ink sac are not stirred. How can it be output to the ink tube after precipitation? However, the white ink circulation system of some DTF PET Film Printer machines is well done. For example, the cycle starts from the ink bottle, ink tube, ink bag, ink pump, and ink bottle as a whole, which is a continuous process. This can maintain a dynamic movement of the ink for a long time and effectively prevent precipitation.

2. Variety of printing colors
The previous DTF PET Film Printer was generally equipped with two print heads as standard. One nozzle emits white ink, and the other nozzle emits CMYK color ink. With the advancement of technology, and the further requirements of customers. Now there are new machines appearing, with three nozzles and four nozzles. Three print heads or four print heads can print fluorescent colors.
You can also ask a few more in the market to see who has this technology now. At the same time, whether the application of this technology is mature enough. I believe that with the continuous feedback from customers, our technology will continue to be updated and improved to provide customers with better products.

3. Whether black and white-hot melt powder prints well
One of the most important aspects of the DTF PET Film Printer is powder shaking. Then the quality of hot melt powder is very important. Some of our customers reported that the white hot-melt powder purchased from other manufacturers caused the color of the printed product to be chaotic and poor in layering. So we especially used our black and white-hot melt powder to print out two samples for our salesman.
After the sample was printed and transferred to the clothes, we hardly found the problem described above. Whether it is black hot melt powder or white-hot melt powder, the original design can be clearly displayed. There is no color confusion, and every detail is truly restored. Of course, you can choose the corresponding hot melt powder according to the color of your clothes. After all, different clothes have different effects with corresponding hot melt powder.

4. Is there a smoke purifying function
The original DTF Printer may have neglected the exhaust gas emitted by the machine during its operation in its original design. There must be some elements in the exhaust gas that are bad for the body. But our technicians found this problem for the new powder shaker and designed and adjusted it in time.
The new DTF PET Film Printer has a new smoke extraction function. During the operation of the machine, waste discharge is centralized and the operating environment is more optimized. It will be more secure for employees and be a greener company.

5. Whether it has a static elimination function
Many times, DTF  Printer will inevitably encounter static problems during its operation. Static electricity often greatly affects the normal operation of the printer. A supplier from Pakistan and Greece approached us before, asking how we solved the static electricity problem, and seeking opportunities for cooperation.
When many DTF PET Film Printers are in operation. The overall operation of the machine is affected due to the dry air. In addition to maintaining a constant temperature for the machine. We also have constant and lasting humidity. Our technology has fundamentally solved this problem.
Our technology has taken this issue into consideration when designing it. Therefore, an electrostatic rod is designed to be installed in the rear discharging system. Greatly reduce the problems caused by static electricity. This avoids the problem of slowing down the work progress due to static electricity or solving other problems caused by static electricity.


Machine analysis diagram

Finally, in addition to these typical features, a DTF PET Film Printer with superior performance still requires a good quality combination of various parts. When a component drags its feet, it will affect the overall operation effect of a machine. I hope you can choose a satisfactory product outside here. We provide you with a one-stop solution.

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