DTF Printing VS UV DTF Printing

What Is The Difference Between DTF Printing And UV DTF Printing?

DTF printing is a printing method applied to various clothing fabrics. UV DTF is a printing method applied to various types of hard matter surfaces. The common point of the two is the word DTF in the name. Direct to Film is the common feature of the two.

  1. What is the method of DTF printing

DTF requires a PET membrane as a consumable. The design pattern is printed on the PET film through the printer, and then the hot melt powder is melted. Posted evenly on the design pattern and dried through a high-temperature oven. Scissors can be used to cut each design pattern. Economic and developed areas can consider using a cutter to perfectly cut each pattern through the cutting machine.

Finally, use the heat compressor, and first place the T-shirt or other clothing on the tablet of the thermal compressor for the first heat pressure. This purpose is to make the surface of the transductive flat, which can make the next heat transfer more smoothly and make the pattern more fully transferred to the transfer. After the first warm-up, the cut design pattern is placed on the corresponding position of the clothing (this position can be upper left, upper right, middle or front, and back).

Then after 15 seconds, the high-temperature compression of 165 degrees Celsius. Wait until the PET membrane is completely cooled, you can remove this film and successfully get printed clothing. After printing, you can test whether it is resistant to stretching and breathable and whether it can adapt to machine washing or hand-washing testing. You can see how many times it can be washed.

DTF Printing

  1. What is the UV DTF printing method?

First of all, it is necessary to print the design pattern on the A film, and then use the film covering machine to cover the B film on the other side of the A film. This is the crystal sticker. You can cut the pattern and then unveil the coating. Put it on glass, skateboarding, diary, acrylic materials, wood products, metal products, etc., unveiled the A film, and successfully obtained a DIY handicraft product.

  1. Two printing methods are different in application fields

DTF printer is a universal printer in the clothing industry, which is mainly used in various types of clothing fabrics, such as T-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, denim clothes, baseball uniforms, yoga clothes, swimwear, ride clothes, socks, canvas bags, canvas shoes, A series of clothing prints such as pillows, pillows, sheets, etc.

UV DTF printing is a printing scheme that can be transferred more conveniently anytime, anywhere. The output AB membrane is cut into small pieces and pasted to the position of the corresponding transposition according to the customer’s needs. Finally, the film of the pattern can be tested, whether it is high-temperature, whether it is resistant to the water, whether it is resistant to water to wash, etc.

  1. The common feature of the two printing methods

Compared with the previous UV printer directly printed on the transfer, UV DTF is printing the design on the AB film, so that it can reduce the production cost, print it directly, and then stick it to various large or small hard substances. You can easily undertake batch orders or small personalized customization orders. The added value is also high, the cost can be controlled, and the profit is higher.

Compared with DTG printing, screen printing, DTF and heating, and UV DTF both need PET membrane or sublimation transfer paper, or AB film as a consumable as a transitional bridge.

  1. Different times for the two

DTF Printing VS  UV DTF Printing

DTF printing is a more popular clothing printing machine for the past three years. A large part of DTF printing is popular for people’s personality needs. Everyone wants one or more clothes that are different from others. Then personalized customization will have a huge potential market. Moreover, clothing products are consumed very large, and there are large quantities of orders every year. And compared to other printers, investment risks are small.

The UV printer has a very long history and is very mature in the market. Later, it can even be said that it is difficult to enter. But the smart person improved it to update it, it is a new product-UV DTF. The launch of a new scheme crystal sticker, as soon as it was launched, attracted a lot of inquiries. With its simple printing method, you can DIY all kinds of water cups, or to the refrigerator at home, a suitcase, a baby’s toy, and small bowls with the baby’s favorite animation image, the baby will be more obedient to eat.

The above is the same and different from the DTF printing as the UV DTF printing. DTF printing is applied to clothing, and UV DTF is a universal printer except for clothing. If you need it, please consult which one!

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