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What Is The Difference In Between The Current DTF Printer As Well As The Previous DTF Transfer Printing?

In the past two years, DTF Transfer Printing can be stated to be the beloved of the garment printing industry. The major makers are making a lot of money. Is the DTF Transfer Printing in usage smoothly? Will there be some troubles? Just how to resolve the trouble? Has there been an item upgrade just recently? Have unique adjustments been made to a few of the previous issues?

A great item is not only the quality of the product itself but additionally an essential element of secure operation. And also technological after-sales service remains in place. This way, there will be a consistent stream of orders and also repeat clients.

This article will make a certain comparison between the upcoming improved DTF Printing press and the previous DTF Printing press. The comparison reveals that the new DTF Transfer Printing will assist you to boost your experience. And also boost manufacturing effectiveness, additionally, conserving time and cost.

1. Improvement of White Ink Circulation of DTF Transfer Printing

DTF Transfer PrintingThis post will certainly concentrate on the DTF Printer in DTF Transfer Printing. What are the details of renovations in this upgrade?

Firstly, when DTF Transfer Printing was introduced, several manufacturers were scrambling to present their own white ink cycle. Several can be achieved in theory, but in practice, there are still several problems. This leads to insufficient white ink printing security. It is very easy to regularly show up the sensation of white ink dripping as well as ink breaking. It is difficult to achieve a stable output of more than 10 meters, and also maintenance work such as cleaning the nozzles for accuracy components is needed regularly. The DTF Printer to be introduced later will considerably boost this problem. It can accomplish steady printing, and the secure output of white ink can last for greater than 10 meters. The feedback that Color Ink has received from significant consumers has constantly been steady.

In addition, the white ink barrier storage tank of the previous DTF Printer was a little defoaming bottle.  And also currently it is a huge filter in the type of a strip (ie, a white ink diverter). The buffering result is stronger.

2. Printheads of DTF Transfer Printing

The specifications of the ink path system made use of to have a liquid crystal ink platen, but the specifications require to be changed many times. After the update, no hand-operated adjustment is needed, and also the factory state can be maintained. Updates below help reduce client actions. To avoid the situation that it is challenging for customers to master, or readjust multiple specifications periodically.

DTF Transfer Printings that have actually been marketed previously commonly need cleaning of the print heads. And all the nozzles are cleaned together, which will eat a great deal of ink. The updated nozzles can now be cleaned separately. Conserve ink, conserve time, and also reduce ink costs.
DTF Transfer Printing does not have the feature of flushing ink and pressing ink, as well as the old maker has the function of flash jetting without pressing ink, so it is necessary to manually draw out the color ink when setting up the maker. The brand-new version of the DTF Printer can instantly apply color ink via the ink pressing feature, without manual procedure, and is smarter.

DTF Transfer PrintingThe performance of the ink pump is updated from the average electromagnetic pump based on the old version to a peristaltic pump, which has better efficiency. There was just one waveform before, as well as after the upgrade. There are two waveforms, one with a darker color, which can be chosen according to client demands. Currently, there is just one printing contour readily available for option, but the printing contour of the new equipment has been upgraded soon, as well as the old equipment has actually not been upgraded for a long time. The two can be said to be evenly matched.

3. Heating Function of DTF Transfer Printing

Along with four nozzles, the previous DTF Printers with 3 nozzles or 2 nozzles are our self-developed boards. In order to maintain the DTF Printing press continuous as well as the steady procedure for a very long time. As a result, the DTF Printing press that came out later is all configured Hansen boards. Much more powerful and much more stable. Compared with the old maker, the circuit failing of the board takes place frequently, particularly the tiny cardboard. The user experience is smoother.

One of the most important features of DTF Transfer Printing is printing precision. Upgraded from the original 4pass to 6pass, the shade is extra dazzling, much more saturated, true, and natural. The volume of the body has actually lessened on the basis of the original. As well as the weight of the fuselage is also lowered. Deserted the old machine with a hefty sheet steel structure. Now the vertical towline is taken on. An old straight towline is an assembly approach that is usually eliminated in the marketplace, which uses up a lot of body space and also boosts the width of the maker dramatically. As a result, the old device can not increase to some traveler elevators, however can just rise to the product’s elevator, the transportation wood box is large, and the cost of the product is high, which does not meet the demands of a tiny office.

One of the most original DTF Printing presses just has front-end heating or rear-end home heating, or front and rear platform home heating. The updated equipment is front, middle, and rear platform home heating. The old device did not have mid-section heating, the slope of the front platform was very steep, and the home heating area was occupied by the LED lights, which might not enable the printed picture to be completely heated up and the ink fixed in time. The layout pattern on the output PET film is not easy to completely dry, leading to an inadequate printing impact. Improvements will certainly avoid such problems.

In terms of documents transfer rate, the initial USB2.0 has been changed to Gigabit fiber. And also the transfer rate is much faster. At the same time, in order to prolong the life of the device as well as enhance its performance, the new DTF Printing press has added anti-collision security procedures for the extruder. Additionally, the old variation of the maker nozzles is organized alongside, and also the brand-new variation is startled. The brand-new version of the DTF Transfer Printing printhead is more convenient to set up and also eliminate, and also the placement of the printhead can be fine-tuned through the trolley base screw. It is extra conducive to refined operation.

The above are some of the improved functions of the DTF Printer. Because of space limitations, the staying updates will be described in the following problem. Keep tuned.

In the past 2 years, DTF Transfer Printing can be stated to be the beloved of the garment printing market. Of all, when the DTF Transfer Printing was introduced, lots of suppliers were rushing to present their own white ink cycle. At present, there is only one printing contour readily available for selection, however the printing contour of the brand-new machine has been upgraded soon, as well as the old equipment has not been upgraded for a long time. The most vital point about DTF Transfer Printing is the printing accuracy. At the same time, in order to extend the life of the machine and enhance its performance, the brand-new DTF Transfer Printing has actually included anti-collision protection procedures for the extruder.

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