What Items around You are Made with a UV Printer?

Design & UV printer  In order to meet the needs of the public for personalized goods, designers compete to give play to their creative talents and produce innovative goods to enhance their competitiveness. While the design is ready, it’s time for the UV printer to show its skills. “UV printing”, that is, ultra-violet curing printing, has become the most popular technology in the current market because of its ability to realize high-definition, three-dimensional, high artistic value ornamental designs.

Business card

Customized business cards are usually completed by small UV printers. The order quantity is roughly within 300 sheets, and most customers’ order quantity is within 100 sheets. At the same time, they have high requirements for design. Such orders need machines that can print high-precision patterns. Another advantage of a UV printer is its low start-up cost, and small orders within 20 can also be accepted. This kind of equipment not only guarantees quality but also allows businesses to take all kinds of orders. How can it not be popular?

Acrylic plate

In recent years, acrylic signs and acrylic table cards can be seen everywhere in office buildings, restaurants, hotels, etc. Acrylic has a glass-like appearance, good light transmittance, and is not as easily broken as glass when it is made into signboards. It has become the first choice of many manufacturers who like designing products. Acrylic plate is a common printing medium for UV flatbed printers. With the spray of a UV printer, Alec’s board immediately turned into a work of art, displaying the culture of different enterprises with beautiful patterns and words.

 Carton of gifts

Gifts given to a specific person must be unique in design to show the wish of the giver. At this point, the UV printer is the right one to help realize the task of commodity printing. As long as the patterns are input into the computer, UV printers can fully meet the printing needs of customers, and produce exquisite pictures on bamboo boxes, wooden boxes, iron boxes, glass bottles, etc., which enhances the fashion sense of gifts.

Cosmetic packaging

The latest UV printing technology is more intelligent, and even can automatically identify the areas that have been missed when part of the nozzle is blocked, so as to make up the pattern. The clarity of the pattern has reached a new height. Whether it is a square cosmetic box or a cylindrical bottle, it can make a photo-level picture in a designated area.

Decorative paintings such as oil painting

Yes, the UV printer can manufacture oil paintings with brilliant texture, which can highly imitate the strokes left by the artist on the canvas. At present, there is a large demand for oil paintings and other decorative pictures in residential buildings, hotels, and offices. UV printers can yield such decorative paintings in batches. It is equivalent to turning out handicrafts by industrial means.


Whether metal (iron, steel, aluminum ) signboards or wooden signboards, UV printers can easily handle them. You can modify the design draft at any time on the computer, and the final version is the same as the finished product we see. Intelligent machines are so powerful.

Glassware decoration

Glass is one of the most difficult materials to print because of its smooth surface. However, this problem was overcome by UV printing technology. Nowadays, the glass decorations printed by UV printers are occupying the market share at an extremely fast speed. Glass decorative paintings, glass tabletops, glass cabinet doors, and glass handicrafts emerge in endlessly.

Electronic scale

Young girls like to use an electronic scale to monitor their weight at any time. The UV printer can directly print exciting words and lovely patterns on these scales. The machine can also print UV DTF transfer film, which is like a sticker. All kinds of patterns on the film can be transferred to the scales.

Mobile phone case

There are many businesses that undertake mobile phone shell printing business online, and they use A3 UV printers to print personalized ones for customers. A3 UV printer is generally with single or double heads. Using an Epson print head with high printing accuracy, you can print a size of   30cm× 50 cm mobile phone case in 3 minutes.


Lighters are essential for many men. Lighters are not only practical but also can be a beautiful handicraft. Many companies order special lighters for customers. No matter how cool the designs you want to print on the lighter, a UV printer can satisfy you.

Ceramic tile

The new UV ink ensures that the patterns printed on the tiles are waterproof and scratch resistant, and can remain unchanged under outdoor sunlight for a long time.

The ceramic tile paintings and porcelain plate paintings made by UV printers began to appear in various high-end places with a full sense of fashion.


UV flatbed printers can not only paint images on a plane of objects but also work on regular cylindrical objects. UV printers can draw unique designs on items such as wine bottles, water glasses, pen containers, etc.


As parents pay more attention to the development of children’s thinking, children’s toys such as jigsaw puzzles, toys to be assembled and boards with words emerge in large numbers. Some of these toys are printed with UV printers. The printing height of the UV printer is 120mm. All planar material within this range can be printed. This type of toy is bright, waterproof, and scratch resistant.

You may not have expected that so many objects around you are printed with a UV machine. In fact, the above areas are only a part of the UV printer’s powerful functions. It has more abilities to be found. Let’s put it this way, whatever the designers’ color scheme, a UV printer can turn it into reality.

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