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What Should I do If the DTF Printer doesn’t work?

In addition to printing clothes, the DTF printing can also print umbrellas, leather, shoes, pillow, mouse pad, etc. it is gradually widely used and is also suitable for customized products. Generally, the prices of DTF printers are around 6000-7500 USD, but modified A3 small desktop offset DTF  printer, its price is less than one tenth of the large machine, very suitable for proofing, studio, small batch production. Since many buyers started to use the DTF printer, they defintely meet various technical problems. What should I do if the DTF printer doesn’t work? Most people will take it granted that something goes wrong with machine and send their machines to repair. Actually, you can analyze what’s the reason leads to the machine unwork rahther than repair it directly. By doing this, you can avoid the same problems when it happens again.

What’s the Cause that makes DTF Printers doesn’t work?

For general DTF printers, they will go wrong after being used for a long time. The reason for this problem is because people use them for a longtime without overhauling and maintance. There are two major reasons that leads to this situation. One is circuit failure. It often occurs when the wires are connected to the wrong places, which will cause the short-circuited and burnt out wires. It is mainly caused by the miscarriage in production. If you can find such a problem, you can contact the manufacturer directly.
The other one is electrical fault or temeprature control failure. There are more cases of the latter. In order to save cost, many manufactures directly integrated electric relay and temperature control together. By doning so, relays will burn easily because they shorten the life of electromagnetic relays. Once there is a shoddy work, the loss will be great. The power of this machine is relatively large, the relay will be destroyed at last. What’s more, the quality of temperature control should be better. If the temperature control device fails directly, it will cost a large amount of money to mend it.

How to Solve these Problems in DTF Printing?

There is also another situation leads to the bad result, especially in the brand new machine. You must happy to receive a brand new DTF machine and prepare to assemble it on your own. If you are not good at assembling the electric wire of the printer, do you know the aftermath of the wrong connection of cable? You will get a burnt out printhead which it’s quite expensive and a clooged printhead. How does this happen? But the mix of cables does influence working efficency of DTF printers, since the wrong lines who live close by are connected to the wrong places. As a result, the nozzle is burned, so are the decryption card and the headboard. Secondly, when installing the ink tube and ink sac, the green-hands may not be succeed at their first time. During the repeatedly trial and error, the nozzle will ne polluted by the ink, which makes the ink blockage. After receiving so many complaints from the buyers, we decide to upgrade our DTF printers that reflects we always give priority to the consumers. If all of those unlucky things happen, you are too late to feel regretful. Once the printhead is broken, the whole machine will not work unless change a new one. You may ask me how to avoid this problm? Don’t worry. You can buy our machine with the equipped printhead. When the debut DTF machine, we have already thought of all the situations that may happen. All the DTF machines you buy from Sublistar are all equipped with the printhead and they can put into use immediately.

DTF Printhead

Suction system is another vital element will cause to machine broken. Frankly speaking, suction system is irreplaceable in the printing process. So what’s the function of the suction platform? It’s load-bearing platform with small holes like alveolate that can make the material stick to the platform better after the adsorption function is turned on, which can also play the role of protecting the nozzle. The vacuum suction platform makes the PET film tightly on the platform through physical force, which can locate the PET Film precisely. At the same time, besides locating the flim, the suction system also suction the heat and moisture into the electric motor, which will damge the motor. In order to solve problem, we upgrade the suction system by changing its position. With the aim of extending the life of motor, we move the suction into the anterior segments. What we do is to make sure the heat and moisture the suctioned will not get into the inner motor.

The above problems are some of the major reasons that we cause DTF printers don’t work. When using the DTF printer, we must pay attention to maintenance. You can adjust the pressure when the pressure control management ability is insufficient or too high. Warm up for about 15 minutes. When the temperature can be increased to set the temperature of different areas, the indicator light of the heating treatment system will go out, and the analysis can be carried out to start transfering.

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