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What Should We Know About UV DTF Printer?

What should we know about UV DTF Printer?From July 21st to 24th, the 2021 APPPEXPO Shanghai Guangyin Exhibition, which has attracted the attention of advertisers, will be unveiled at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). The eight major exhibition halls will fully display the industry’s cutting-edge technology and development concepts.

Shanghai Guangyin Exhibition has always been the “vane” of advertising, logo, printing, graphics, packaging and other industries. By then, major brand manufacturers in the industry will also launch new products, new technologies and new solutions that have been “planned for a long time” or “innovative breakthroughs” at the exhibition site.

UV DTF printer

At this exhibition, in addition to the DTF Printer, which has been selling well in the past two years, there is a new focus that has attracted the attention of the majority of exhibitors. This is the crystal label, which belongs to the UV printer industry and has attracted considerable attention in the UV industry.

Crystal label is also called UV transfer sticker, and its predecessor is called pressure sensitive sticker. It is to print the designed graphics and text on the special release material, and then transfer the film. Finally, the film is used to bring the pattern up and transfer it to the surface of the final product. This is a surface graphic production process. At present, there are four mainstream production processes on the market: pure screen printing, silk screen + digital, AB film digital solution, and digital glue spraying solution. UV DTF Printer can also be used for pattern printing of crystal marks.

Speaking of the crystal label produced by UV DTF Printer, its characteristic is that it can be made in small batches or even one piece. Tear the film and leave pictures and texts, in addition to good pattern effects, it also has good scratch resistance, abrasion resistance and weather resistance. This is somewhat similar to the advantages of UV printers. At present, crystal labels are mainly used in packaging, marking, and special-shaped irregular surfaces with poor printing efficiency using UV printers, such as products with cylindrical surfaces.

DTF UV Printer

Using UV DTF Printer to make crystal marks, the difficulty is not the equipment, but the stable process. However, the use of UV DTF Printer printers to make graphics and texts for crystal marks has obvious advantages in terms of labor, environmental protection, and personalization compared to silk screen and transfer printing processes. Especially on the surface of hard materials, it performs well. For example: glass, metal, wood and other hard materials. But crystal labels are not omnipotent. Some food contact products such as tableware, hot water cups, etc., have too rough surfaces, and fabrics, clothes, and soft leather are not suitable. In addition, in the harsh outdoor environment, the wind and sun may also peel off the edges.

Someone once said that the appearance of the crystal label produced by UV DTF Printer threatened the UV printer, so it is still unreliable. In terms of the current technological level and the actual needs of customers, mass production of crystal labels is still not suitable. In addition, since the labeling relies on manual operations and there are errors in labeling positioning, it is not suitable for products that have strict consistency standards. Each product and each process has its applicable fields and limitations. Putting aside the printing and production process, the crystal label is more like an artistic decoration. The audience can choose according to their needs.

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