What Upgrades Have We Made to Powder Shake Machine of DTF Printer?

In response to the feedback and suggestions of our customers, SUBLISTAR has recently upgraded the Powder Shake Machine on the basis of the ProMax series of DTF printers. No major changes have been made in appearance, but some improvements have been made in the application and optimization of some principles. Let’s take a look at the new upgrades we made to powder shake machine of DTF printer!

Sublistar DTF Printer

1. New Upgrades of DTF Printer Powder Shake Machine

1) Longer heating area

Longer heating distance brings better heating effect. The upper and lower rows of heating lamps allow the film to be fully heated, making the film smoother and the transfer effect better.

2) Higher powder dusting induction sensitivity & Smoke exhaust function

The powder dusting induction sensitivity is higher,with the design of no-return powder, the automation of the process can be further improved ,and the manual workload can be reduced. The preheating system has a smoke exhaust function to prevent powder sticking.This effectively reduces the possibility of excess powder adhering to the film.At the same time, the preheating function can be switched on and off by setting the preheating parameters to suit the needs of different films.

3) Strengthened back-baking heating

Strengthen the Enhanced back bake heating to prevent the deterioration of the film coating. It can make the pattern after transfer more vivid, and the washing fastness is higher.

4) Better heating control scheme

Better heating control scheme, which greatly reduces energy consumption (compared with the previous generation, the energy consumption is reduced by more than 30%). At the same time, the film is heated more evenly to further improve the quality after transfer.The self-adaptive parameter setting allows the heating parameters to adapt to the changes in the printing speed of various machines after the setting is completed.

5) Tension take-up device

Tension take-up device, the winding is more neat. Improved automation, a roll of film can be completely printed without manual operation.

6) New thermal superconducting smoke purification system

The new type of smoke purifier adopts thermal superconducting smoke purification system, which is more environmentally friendly and has better effect. It effectively reduces the excess oil in the pattern, so that the film after printing is more conducive to preservation, and the pattern feels better after transfer. At the same time ,The suction strength can be adjusted, which can further effectively reduce heat loss.

7) Higher frequency powder removal system

Adopt high frequency powder removal system to reduce noise. At the same time, the excess powder on the film is most removed, so that the final transferred pattern feels better, especially the white powder spots on the pattern on the dark background clothing can be removed.

8) Optimized suction drum

The optimized suction device can better prevent the printing film from slipping. And can automatically repair the paper skew caused by the wrong feeding position.The film is heated more uniformly to improve the heating effect. The design of the side pipe suction greatly prolongs the life of the suction fan.

DTF Powder Shake Machine

2. What’re the Benifits of  DTF Printing?

1) Wide Applications
While direct to garment printing works satisfactory on a 100% cotton, DTF works on many distinctive garment materials: cotton, nylon, handled leather, polyester, 50/50 blends, and each mild and darkish fabrics. The transfers can even be utilized to one-of-a-kind sorts of surfaces like luggage, shoes, and even glass, wood, and metal! You can extend your stock by means of making use of your designs to a entire range of merchandise with DTF.

2) Simple Operation
Printing on PET film implies you can put your plan on difficult to-reach or off-kilter surfaces. In the event that the region can be warmed, you can apply a DTF plan to it! Since everything necessary is hotness to stick the plan, you might sell your printed moves straightforwardly to your clients and permit them to mollify the plan to anything surface or thing they pick with no unique gear!

3) Faster Production Process
Since you can dispose of the progression of pretreating and drying your article of clothing, you can eliminate creation time essentially. That is extraordinary information for one-off or little volume arranges that generally wouldn’t be productive.

4) Keep Inventory More Versatile
While it probably won’t be practically to print a reserve of your most famous plans onto each size or shading piece of clothing, with DTF printing you can print well known plans ahead of time and store them utilizing almost no space. Then, at that point, you can have your blockbusters generally prepared to apply to any article of clothing on a case by case basis!

I believe that the upgraded DTF powder shake machine will definitely bring you a better experience. If you have any suggestions and feedback, you can leave a message on our website, email us, or call us directly.

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