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What’s new in DTF UV Printer recently?

Recently, many merchants have launched DTF UV Printer one after another. It is possible that most people have already taken the lead when most people do not understand what this product is.

DTF UV Printer is a product that transfers the design pattern to the pet film, and then passes through a layer of film to become the finished product. Unlike the DTF Printer, the finished product only needs to be uncovered. Stick the remaining transfer film on the object to be transferred, and press it back and forth to make the pattern adhere to the object tightly. Make sure to press back and forth several times, almost the pattern is completely attached to the object. The transfer film can be removed.

The original design is to use a UV printer, and then match our white ink, color ink, varnish and glue. And equipped with a UV curing lamp of suitable intensity, the finished product can be printed perfectly. This requires the number of nozzles of the UV printer.

However, many customers already own a UV printer and do not want to make extra investment. If you want to start a new business, you may hesitate when the prospects are still unclear. But please believe in the market’s choice, the businessman’s vision and the customer’s pursuit.

DTF-6090UVThe DTF UV Printer is constantly being updated, and the technology is constantly maturing. Because of the strong demand of customers, customers can use it normally without buying a new machine. Compared with the previous time, our current technology is mainly updated in the nozzle position. It is emphasized here that if there is only one nozzle, it is recommended to replace your UV printer.

The introduction of the new technology is not reflected in the machine update. It is our technicians to meet the needs of the public. From the perspective of consumables. This model introduces the AB film, which reduces the requirements for the staggered arrangement and number of nozzles. With this type of film A with glue, there is no need for a DTF UV Printer to set aside a special nozzle to print glue. Film A is glued and film B is a transfer film. After film A is printed, attach film B to film A.

This AB film can be used with DTF UV Printer. The three staggered print heads are white ink + color ink + varnish. The effect of varnish has already been introduced in the previous article. Protect the design pattern and make the pattern look more shiny. The use of two staggered print heads is white ink + color ink. Without varnish, it has a matte texture to the touch.

But because this AB film has just been launched, the effect is definitely not as good as the more mature printing glue directly in the machine nozzle. We will continue to improve, so stay tuned for our new progress.

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