UV DTF printing

What’s the difference between UV Printing and UV DTF Printing?

UV DTF Printing refers to a printing process that uses ultraviolet curing technology to make srickers, also known as crystal stickers. Different from normal stickers, what UV DTF printers make the pattern doesn’t need to heat press. Just with fingers pressing, the patterns can be transfered from the PET film. The only thing you need to do is to divide the transfer film and the PET film. Then you peel out the transfer film, the photo appears on hard goods surface.

UV DTF Printer or Conventional UV printer?

Do you know what’s the UV printing? The UV printing process, also known as UV printing, refers to special inks that are formulated to dry rapidly when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. When paper (or other substrate) passes through the press and receives wet ink, it is immediately exposed to ultraviolet light. As the UV will immediately dry the ink, so there is no chance of ink leakage or diffusion. As a result, the print details of the image and text are clearer. The whole printing process is called UV printing.

UV and traditional printing are two totally different printing processes. What the UV printing is to print on the texture, same as the normal priting. However, the UV DTF printing is to print the patterns on the PET film. By adding the glue, the transfer film and PET film are sticked together. When finish the printing, you will get the patterns in the two films. Then, you peel out the transfer film and press the PET film with your fingers for seconds. Finally, you carefully peel out the other PET film left on the pattern. You will surprised to find that the patterns had been transfered into the objects with smoth surface successfully. Solvent ink is widely used in traditional printing  —— This is not the environmental friendly option – because they will  Evaporate into the air and release volatile organic compounds. Traditional printing usually need extra spray powder to help the patterns dry, because they are absorbed into the paper, the color will fade and less bright. Depending on the properties and weight of the paper, drying can increase each work by several days. Traditional ink must be absorbed by the substrate printed on them, so you’d better not use them on materials such as plastic, foil or acrylic.

UV ink is dried through a photomechanical process. Ink exposed to ultraviolet light when printing, immediately from liquid to solid, solvent evaporation is very small, almost no ink is absorbed by paper. So, when using UV ink, you can print almost anything you want! UV printing is considered as a green technology. It’s safe and environmental friendly, which is almost zero carbon footprint for not releasing VOC to the environment. Are you eager to reduce your carbon footprint of your business? If so, then UV printing may be your ideal choice. It’s of course is more beneficial to the environment, because UV curable ink is different from typical ink. They are nonsolvent, so they are not harmful to the environment when they evaporate into the air. Enterprises with environmental awareness become very important to customers. With UV printing, you can show that your business is taking environmental benefits seriously. At the same time, you will be able to produce high quality materials that look incredible and keep any information clear.Of course, UV ink will dry when it comes to contact, so they will never get smeared. It means that no matter what type of paper you use, you never need to add expensive coatings to prevent smearing and erasing.

UV DTF printing

The advantages of UV DTF printing include the following:

The pattern dries out the moment it comes out of the press. Just press with your fingers, and you don’t need to prepare a heat transfer machine.

UV DTF printing is particularly suitable for glasses and other hard substrates with smooth surface

The stickers made of UV DTF are not easy to scratch or fade in use

The printing is clearer and more energetic. The ink dries very fast, it has no chance to diffuse or absorb into the substrate. As a result, the printing remains vivid and clear.

UV printing process is more environmentally friendly. As UV curing ink is not solvent based, there will be no harmful substances evaporated to the surrounding air

UV DTF printing is a highly flexible printing method, it can be useful if you want to print menus for tableware in the restaurants, trademarks on the household electrical appliances, or various applications. With this machine, you don’t need to stamp the trademarks by transporting all the heavy goods, which it’s quite convenient for the supplies to save costs and delivery fees. If you are creating a product that will be used outdoors, you should definitely consider using UV printing.

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