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What’s the DTF Printing Shirts Pretreatment?

Why DTF Shirts Pretreatment is Indispensable? T-shirts are always the evergreen fashion items in DTF printing industry. Taking black DTF shirts pretreatment as an example, for the black as the base color, white ink is indispensable in the printing process. If you don’t work properly, it’s common to meet some problems like ink migration and cracking problems after being washed several times. “How to avoid white ink problems on black T-shirts” is still a heated problem that people concern most in printing Forum. This article will give you some suggestions about white ink issues on black shirts. There are two situations lead to this situation:
When the temperature reaches a certain temperature, the dye in the fiber directly changes from powdered solid to gas and escapes, and the heating dye condenses into solid when it is cold and sticks to the fabric surface or other fabrics. It is usually shown as disperse dye, which is a phenomenon of heat migration and is also commonly known as sublimation fastness. Generally, the color fastness to dry heat (except hot pressing) is used for testing. So how to test the fastness? Here is a method: the textile sample is pasted with the specified lining fabric, which is heated in close contact with an intermediate heated to the required temperature. Then you can check the color change situation and get know about the fabric quality.
When the temperature is lower than the dye sublimation temperature and the dye that cannot be sublimated, the dye of fabrics composed of different colors will migrate from one place to another during storage or use, usually from the dark part to the light part. This phenomenon is usually called dye migration (color migration), which can be tested by dye transfer performance or color fastness to storage.
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DTF Shirts Pretreatment
Same as other textile treatment methods, DTF shirts pretreatment is relatively easy. Normally shirts can be applied in 32 grams pretreatment, and more amounts can be applied in 40 grams. Different from standard heat setting, you need to set the temperature as 356F with pressure. So that the press platen lower down on the fabric, the shirts touch with the platen. You need to cover sheet between the heat press machine and fabric. After the water evaporate and dry from the clothes, then you can heat transfer the T-shirt. Remember not to use the teflon, otherwise the polyester fabric will eventually shine up.

What’s the shortcomings of traditional printing?

(1) At present, labels (especially film labels) in the label printing market mostly use screen printing, which not only has complex processing technology, long cycle, but also has poor use times.

(2) In terms of product design, the selection of design scheme needs to be proofed and modified repeatedly, which is not only troublesome, but also costly.

(3) The traditional printing method should experience several times printing, as screen printing, which is more cumbersome than digital printing.(4) It is unable to handle short edition activities with a printing volume of less than 2000 items, such as the DIY shirts, some promotional products or trial products, which makes the printing enterprises not only unprofitable but also at a loss.

(5) Customers have higher and higher requirements for the quality of printed products, but the printing volume is smaller and smaller, which makes the market competitiveness of traditional printing decline.

DTF fim Printer
Why Choose DTF Shirts Printing?

Low cost

The small order is definitely a great benefit for many businesses or individuals who need small batch customized T-shirts. Before that, the cost of screen printed T-shirts is very high if they are customized in small batch, and many times they only need one or two T-shirts. Obviously, many manufacturers are unwilling to receive those orders. However, with the technology of direct to film printing , one order has become a truly realizable service, and the purchase cost has been greatly reduced for buyers.

There is no need for making plate, and a single piece can be made. Digital printing technology is as convenient as using a printer. You can print the patterns you want to print from the computer to clothes at any time. The traditional printing method needs to first use the laser Phototypesetter to produce the film, and then dry the screen version, printing overprint and other complex processes, which is basically impossible to realize personalized customization. The way of heat transfer printing is similar to digital printing, and it can also realize the function of single piece customization.

Soft to Touch

If some patterns with many bright colors are printed with glue, they will have an obvious glue feeling and feel hard, so they will be relatively airtight, but the digital direct spray T-shirt feels good. This is the biggest advantage of digital printing. Because the ink particles of digital printing are very fine and can reach the nanometer level, it can easily penetrate into the fiber gap of the fabric, which has both fastness and does not affect the softness and comfort of the fabric itself.

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