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Have you ever thought about how digital printers print on fabrics such as T-shirts? In fact, many technologies are involved, and each one may involve the use of certain types of equipment. Which type is most suitable for this work depends on many factors, such as the complexity of design, materials used and budget. One of the most common methods is digital direct injection (DTG) printing. Sublistar Personalized Custom Design Printing Research Center has created this short beginner’s guide to help you learn more.


Multiple digital printing solutions

Before we discuss the digital direct injection technology and DTG meaning , it will be helpful to quickly understand some other methods used by many printing companies. These include:

Screen printing: screen printing involves the use of a template on a grid through which ink is pressed onto the fabric. The template ensures that only the required ink is transferred to the fabric to print the design as needed. This method can produce some high-quality creations, but it is not suitable for complex designs with multiple colors.

Heat Transfer Vinyl: Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) involves coating the backing vinyl on the fabric by heating. Vinyl needs to be cut before use. This method produces long-term results, but is not the best choice for large orders.

CAD cutting printing: Computer Aided Design (CAD) cutting printing is similar to HTV. The vinyl is cut using CAD and then transferred to the fabric using heat. It is the most commonly used name and number method on sweatshirts.

Hot press printing: For hot press printing, the design is first drawn on a material called transfer paper. Once your design is ready, use pressure and heat to transfer the design to the fabric. This is one of the simplest methods, but also one of the slowest.

Dye sublimation printing: the dye sublimation printer uses a liquid dye, which will dry and harden when it touches the printed material. This method can produce high-quality prints without falling off, but it is only suitable for polyester, and it is difficult to print on wrinkles and creases.

Thermoplastic transfer printing: Thermoplastic printing is similar to screen printing, only using plastisol ink. This method can produce high-quality printed matter, but it is not the best solution for large orders.


What does DTG mean?

DTG means a kind of printing technology that is one of the newly developed printing methods with the help of the latest printing technology. In many ways, it works like the inkjet printer that transfers ink directly to paper as you see in the office. Of course, different types of ink are used in this case, and the medium is fabric rather than paper. Nowadays, the DTG meaning has changed that the DTG printing solution can only be applied on t-shirts. Compared with DTF and UV printers, DTG has narrower applied range in printing materials. Therefore, Sublistar made some small suggestions based on years of business experience in personalized customization services and printing manufacturers. What’s more, Sublistar DTF printers and UV printers as well as UV DTF printers are researched and launched for better printing effects.  


The development of DTG meaning in new market

In today’s printing market, DTG meaning has changed. On one hand, DTG doesn’t represent the latest printing technique, as DTF and UV solutions have replaced some printing market. On the other hand, although DTG printing is not perfect, it does open up new opportunities for printing enterprises and cross-border e-commerce companies. In the past, the long and expensive setup time made small batch printing of printing companies impractical and cost-effective. On the contrary, for small batches, they will have to adhere to the minimum order for large batches or charge high fees for small batches of products.

However, this technology enables the digital direct injection service to print small batches or even single products, which is cost-effective and practical. Being able to order a single print on a T-shirt has opened up many opportunities for cross-border e-commerce. For example, anyone can create their own designs and send them to the printing company so that the technology can complete the rest of the work.

DTG also helps to make the on-demand printing mode seamless. The process is simple. This printing company will print your design for you and then send it directly to your customers. For cross-border e-commerce enterprises, it is more important not to invest anything in advance. Instead, the printing company will print the order when it comes, send it to the customer, and then charge them.


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