UV Printing

What’s the Merits of UV Printers?

What’s the UV Printer?

UV printers mainly refers to solidify the ink through ultraviolet rays, and the biggest advantage of UV printing is no material limitations. With short printing time, easy opeartion steps, UV printing has widely used in various industries, such as advertising, indoor decorations and toys.

What are the advantages of UV printers?

UV flatbed printer does not need the repeated steps of traditional printing, such as plate making, plate printing and chromatically printed. And it does not need some kinds of tools and materials required by screen printing and heat transfer. The glass clock and watch color drawing machine can carry out printing operation independently
by an operator, which saves manpower and material resources. The method is simple and can be taken immediately. It has low requirements for the experience of the operator. As long as you know the simple picture processing software.

UV Printing
1. UV flat-panel printer can be applied into different industries, unlimited materials, and will not cause material damage.

UV flat-panel printer can not only print on tough materials, such as crystal, stone, metal, glass, but also print on soft stuff, such as leather, cloth, cotton; It can be printed on inorganic or organic substance with complex and changeable components. It has more compatibility with materials. The use of UV flat-panel printer avoids the problem of selecting materials for
screen printing and heat transfer printing, and also avoids the damage of heat transfer to organic materials such as leather, cloth and cotton. The production of UV flat-panel printers can meet the needs of users and provide more comprehensive

2. Accurate printing position

UV printer does not use the traditional printing mode. Different from past simple manual operation, UV printing avoids the problem of position inaccurately encountered in manual printing. Because it is a one-time multi-color printing, UV printer will not appear the problem of chromatic alignment. As a result, UV printing can print beautiful pictures in the engraving
area, or good etching. Above all, what I mention about the merits of UV printing is unique in the digital printing industry and it won’t be overtaken by other cheap printing methods.

3. Intelligent processing of UV printer

UV printer can change the printing content and the printing effect at any time, and can carry out one-on-one digital printing without plate making. It can make product codes on the metal nameplate behind many products, and each group of codes corresponds to each product; For example, the job number, badge and work permit of factory employees can also be printed
according to one-on-one numbers, and avatar can also be added. Different customers will use UV printers to print different products, which are widely used in toys, mobile phone cases,
PVC plates, acrylic, stainless steel, background walls, etc. This paper will specifically talk about where UV printers are

Here are Common Applications of UV Printing Industries:
1. Toy Industry

High drop UV printers are required for color printing of dolls, toys and juggle. Ricoh G6 nozzle or Toshiba nozzle are generally used.

2. Mobile Phone Cases

UV printers are widely used in the mobile phone case market. Generally, UV printers can achieve printing effects such as cameo, varnish, color white and 3D.

3. Advertising and sign Market

UV printer can realize high-quality, small and medium-sized batch advertising and sign production, such as full-color printing of various metal membership cards, time cards, badges, signboards and authorization cards, which is difficult to achieve by current normal printing technology.

UV Printing

Advantages of UV Printing:

1. no light pollution

In the printing process, the UV printer gives out light waves through the LED curing lamp. If you stare at the light wave containing ultraviolet rays for a long time, it will cause discomfort and dryness of your glasses. However, in daily use, you don’t need to stare at it because it can print automatically without technicians staring at it for a long time.

2. no noise pollution

UV printer will create less than 60 dB during printing, but it can meet the requirements of civil residential and industrial noise, and avoid the physical hazards, such as hearing and vision caused by long-term noise pollution.

3. no water pollution

A UV printer works for one month only produce no more than 1L waste water, which can be directly dump into the sewer and washed.

4. no odor pollution

Compared with traditional printing method, UV printers will not create pungent and irritating odor. The odor create during the printing will evaporate after it is placed for 24 hours.

Requires less ink input.

Cure within a few seconds without subsequent drying.

Due to immediate processing, the processing speed is usually very fast.

Suitable for fast duplex printing.

UV lamp has long service life.

The mechanical durability of printing is high.

High quality printing quality (such as brightness).

Suitable for heat sensitive substrates, such as thin films.

No powder is required (in the paper offset required to separate the printed paper).

Ink without solvent (VOC) or mineral oil

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