What’s The UV DTF Printer?

DTF UV Printer: What is it? How Does a DTF UV Printer Work Exactly? Is the process easy? Is the finished product printed in good quality? The UV DTF printer, most recent brand-new product, was simply released last week. Many customers expressed interest after seeing it and came in for consultations and orders.

1. Save time and energy.

It takes a lot of time and effort to print logos or patterns on a variety of durable materials before this innovation is fully developed. The finished product must be transported to the printing facility. Items that are heavy or bulky are considered tough products. like metal, glass, wood, and a variety of other things. More care should be taken when transporting glass products in particular because damage is simple to occur.

It may be argued that the advancement of the DTF UV Printer has greatly improved both the workforce and DIY market. For instance, factories as air condition, indoor funiture, glass products and several other manufacturers. With UV DTF printer, these companies can directly design their own logo design and patterns from the custom UV DTF printing manufacturer. To save money, the printing facility uses a DTF UV Printer, because it can be pasted into the objects by films rather than UV printing that directly print logo on the object. It then notifies the personalized factory to pick up the goods or send them via share delivery. You can simply paste the film on the object, which is quite convenient.

2. UV DTF Printing Costs Less Money

Prior to the introduction of this modern technology, the transport of items back and forth was a time-consuming process. Both have an unavoidable high cost. Use a DTF UV Printer to maximize the benefits of emerging modern technologies while also lowering costs. Reduced total manufacturing costs are beneficial to increasing the enterprise’s overall revenue as well as providing sufficient funds for the company’s long-term stable growth.

uv dtf printer

3. Technology development and continuous improvement

The UV DTF Printer has a secure board control system as well as a stable and high-precision mechanical system. As a result, the device can meet any of your mass production needs. White ink automated mixing function, automatic coverage feature for ink shortage, the driver can add ink at any time, no need to drop in the middle, easier to use The ink result of the white ink nozzle can be freely set, and the ink network can be freely changed to ensure a more three-dimensional picture result and finer printing.
The cart is very automatic lifting, and the printable medium thickness exceeds 24cm; it supports simultaneous printing of varnish + white + shade with 3 nozzles at the same time, the printing speed is faster, the use is simpler, and the equipment is much more cost-effective. The integrated software application has the capability of ripping at any time and also stopping at any time, meeting the requirements of multiple printing of multiple documents, and also mass production is much more carefree. The tablet computer software program allows for multiple printings of the same display to meet a variety of special industrial applications.
The benefits of the DTF UV Printer can be seen gradually being recognized by the public, and the next era of this device will be emerging. Sublistar has always been at the forefront of the times, maintaining progressive reasoning as well as broad vision. We have consistently provided the most effective high-quality items and a pleasant individual experience for everyone!
We recently launched our newest new product, the UV DTF printer. The appearance of the UV DTF Printer can be said to significantly decrease this waste of time and workforce. The printing factory publishes the finished item using the UV DTF Printer and notifies the personalized factory to pick up the goods or send them by express delivery. Use a DTF UV Printer to maximize the benefits of emerging technologies while also lowering costs. The UV DTF Printer features a stable board control system as well as a stable and high-precision mechanical system.

UV DTF Printer Similarities:

Both UV printers and UV DTF printers print using ultraviolet heating technology. That is, when the substrate travels through the press, it receives unique ink and is immediately exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. Because of the unique properties of this type of ink, it dries quickly under ultraviolet (UV) light, with virtually no ink leakage or diffusion, ensuring picture clarity and detail. As a result, both types of printers employ UV ink.


uv dtf vs uv printer


UV printers print directly on the item’s surface, while it may not produce excellent printing results if an object has a slope on its surface. UV DTF printers, on the other hand, print the logos/patterns/stickers (or crystal stickers) on the A film first. The patterns on A film will be laminated to B film using a laminator (and adhesive) (transfer film). After completing the preceding steps, press the transfer film with your fingers on the item to be transferred for a second, then pull off the film and finish transferring. These stickers can be applied to practically any material or surface, overcoming the limitations of UV printers. UV DTF printer that creates stickers that may be transferred to products immediately with finger presses, which is quite convenient than UV printing.

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