What’s UV DTF? How Does It Work?

Nowadays, digital printing industry has set off a frenzy of direct-to-film(DTF) printing. DTF printer is very popular in the market now. Sublistar recently launched a new technology – UV DTF printing. The biggest advantage of this new technology is that after printing, it can be directly attached to the substrate to be transferred without other processing.

What’s UV DTF?

The new technology requires a UV flatbed printer(Sublistar DTF 6090 UV Flatbed Printer) and two kinds of films- direct transfer film and PET film. The printing ink is UV hard ink (C/M/Y/K+W). direct transfer film has a special glue to allow the ink to adhere.

What materials can be transferred on?

Hard material substrates such as glass, wood, metal, plastic, etc.

Let’s see the printing process of UV DTF printing:

1.Print the pattern on the direct transfer film first, and print in the order of white ink, color ink, and varnish.

2.After printing, put the PET film on the direct transfer film. It is recommended to use a laminating machine to press it. Of course, it can also be operated manually.

3.Cut out the desired pattern and paste it on the material to be pasted.

4.Press the pattern repeatedly, slowly tear open the film, finished.

UV DTF Printer

Feature of Sublistar DTF 6090 UV Flatbed Printer:

  • Reliable boards device work on secure excessive precision desktop physique it can work on any line.
  • Automatic stirring machine for white ink and missing ink alarming system. Making certain continuous working. Together with alarm feature for ink shortage.
  • White ink channel on or off elective and output proportion adjustable, make printing greater vividly and saturation.
  • Carriage peak may want to attain to 24cm; And it can work on three heads via varnish+white+ color, Print velocity faster, and manipulate easier.
  • Highly integration manipulate software program with continuous working function, effortless to examine and add print file at some point of printing.
  • Support for more than one printing on identical photograph with the aid of one time, healthy for most one-of-a-kind produciton request


Compared with DTF printing, DTF requires a DTF printer, a shake powder machine and a heat press. UV DTF requires a UV flatbed printer and a laminating machine. DTF is mainly used for the transfer of fabrics, the new technology is mainly used for the transfer of hard materials.

Sublistar UV DTF printers are currently available in A3 size with 4 print heads. Mainly divided into economical, basic or high-end machines. Corresponding to use is TX800/4720/I3200 print head. You can choose according to your needs.

UV DTF printer

In the field of digital printing, Sublistar has been exploring good products suitable for the development of the industry and the market. It is responsibility for us to provide users with more application solutions, and has made achievements in the fields of digital printing and more. With the launch of new technology UV DTF and products, Sublistar hope to bring you better user experience!

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