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What’s UV Print?

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As a  veteran in digital printing industry, UV print must be a term you have heard of, yet it is now widely recognized. Domestic UV flat-panel printers originally became available ten years ago, but they quickly took over the majority of the printing business. However, UV DTF Printing, also referred to as cold transfer printing, is a relatively recent technology. It implies that the pattern can be permanently imprinted on the materials with just a finger press and 20 seconds of exposure to the surface. UV DTF printing, in contrast to sublimation and screen printing, is a cutting-edge technology with an easy manufacturing process. The UV DTF printing is an alternative to labor-intensive printing processes like screen printing and sublimation printing that is appropriate for small and medium-sized businesses. Sublistar UV Printer can provide you with both the printing effects of UV print and UV DTF printer.

What UV Print Can Be Applied to?

Phone Cases

People want their phones and laptops to look special, with patterns and colors that represent their personal tastes, as they are highly personal things. It is no wonder that custom printing on cell phone cases is a significant industry given that it seems like everyone in this day and age owns a cell phone, a tablet, or both. Being able to print on tablet or phone cases may be highly profitable, whether you want to use them to brand your own business or you want to expand your selection of direct-to-substrate printing options.

The possibilities are potential when you have the ability to print directly to substrates like mobile phone and tablet cases. You will be able to provide your consumers with outstanding completed items that are of unmatched quality, amazing attention to detail, and eye-popping color. By using printing on phone covers, you can outperform the competition and satisfy your customers. You can make a sizable profit while doing so because the UV printing method is quite effective. Print one unique phone cover, make a small quantity of commemorative phone cases for a particular occasion, or choose a stunning design and print hundreds of them. 


Acrylic with UV printing is the most significant decorative material. The great quality and transparency of acrylic contribute to its high light transmission, making acrylic printing one of the most popular forms of advertising in illuminated situations.

On transparent, white, or ice white acrylic, you can use unique printing settings to create outstanding acrylic glasses that are suited for illumination. Even when using LED lights, you may get beautiful colors without any color fading thanks to our unique printing settings. The most popular advertising product on the market is  UV print on acrylic, and lit signs can have fantastic logos or graphics.

There are height specifications for printing acrylic materials. If the printing nozzle is too high or too low from the acrylic material, the picture will be ghosted or blurred, which will have an impact on how the image is presented. As a result, the height between the printing nozzle and acrylic material needs to be adjusted to an adequate distance.
The criteria for ink adhesion are also very high since acrylic materials are dense and materials are lubricated in planes. Therefore, apply a layer of coating to the material’s outside before UV printing so that the pigment can better adhere and become difficult to remove. Since the cost of single and bulk manufacturing is the same, UV printers are more practical and quick to use in the advertising industry and is also quick and easy delivery to clients.


UV flat-panel printers can, as we all know, print on a variety of flat items. It has grown to be favored by printing businesses as a result of its broad range of applications. In fact, certain cutting-edge UV printers can perform tablet printing in addition to printing cylinders. Wine bottles, glass bottles.

A fixture will be used to position the printed cylindrical goods when printing them. This UV printer is capable of printing in a 360-degree rotation. In order for the nozzle to spray in the direction of the base plate at this point, the ink car’s movement is synced with the rotation of the base plate under control of the servo motor.

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