What’s UV Printing and How Could Benfit from it?

Do you know what’s UV prinitng? It refers to print something and cure it by ultraviolet light. The ink of UV printer is not liquid ink, but in a special state. After being shined by the UV light, the ink will cure and solidify on the substrate. That’s quite different from sublimation printing that the ink transfers on the pattern through sublimation heat transfer. Literally speaking, UV printing means during the printing process, the ink will be solidified under the strong exposure of ultra violet lights which is more powerful than normal sunlight. Then the image will be fixed with the move of print head of UV light. The operator won’t be hurted, because the poisonous solvent has been removed during the process.

With the fast evolvment digital printing world, UV printing has become an emerging star in printing industry. No volatile organic compounds being created and no requirement of ventilation, the UV printing is quite safe than other printing method. By the way, UV printing can lower your production costs.

UV Printing

Currently, new research and products promotion are all centre as UV printing and it’s no exaggeration that it’s a world for UV printing. There is more agreement on UV printing will have more development than it has reached its technological zenith. Our technicians have confidence to provide you with clearer patterns, wider color ranges, more details and faster printing speed. All of those are better than what we have now.

Besides its durability, adhesion, color and printing quality, the cost of ink is an essential factor to be taken into consideration. Before buying the ink, you have to ponder over how does this ink perform in your large format printer and whether it will make work. In the digital printing industry, various types of inks for you to choose from, such as solvent ink, eco-solvent ink, pigment ink and sublimation ink. The ink adhesion of substrate can reflect ink’s quality. Then I will give you an introduction of different inks.
Solvent Ink
Solvent Ink is durable, fade-resistant and waterproof because it’s an oil-based solution with resin. Printing on uncoated banners and vinyls, solvent ink can make the ink bond together very well. The ink will leave on the texture with the quick evaporation by heaters on the printer. You can get high fastness by raising printing temperature. In general, solvent ink can be lasted for five or seven years in the banners without fading. Something you need to pay attention to is ventiation, because VOCS( volatile organic compounds) exists in the ink, which is poisonous to humans if people inhale to their lungs. Also, due to its oil based solution, the solvent ink has strong corrosive. If you don’t clean the print head regularly, the print head will be clogged. That’s the reason why cleaning the printhead regularly is necessary. Otherwise, you maybe need a new printhead.

The veterans in the printing industry must be familiar with UV printer and it will become a popular word soon. But few consumers and clients are not sure about whether the UV printer is necessary for their business. Next, I will give you a short introduction to the past UV printing technology and current UV technology. In the past, people used solvent-based solution to make ink stick to the substrate. The ink was created during which the pigment mixed with the solvent. The ink would leave on the surface of the hard substrate through evaporating after heat transfer. Generally speaking, the principle of watercolor ink is also like this. Therefore, hazardous solvent ink needs complicated ventilzation system to guarantee the safety of your staff. At the same time, to clean the air indoor, chemical emission should be carefully monitored.
The Merits of UV Printing
Firstly, the ink will dry quickly that it’s about seconds. You can directly fold, bind and organize your printing stuff and no need to wait for it to dry. Secondly, it can be applied to many materials, such as paper, synthetic paper, menus and hard substrates. Thirdly, UV Printing stuff is vivid and scratch-resistant, which is suitable for advertising flags and banners. Last but no the least, the working process of UV Printing is environmental friendly because during its production process, there is no pernicious substance which is created and you don’t worry about damage the environment.


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