ink technology

Which Ink Technology is Best for your Business?

ink technology

When you first start printing, the ink technology you use is critical. There is no such thing as a single ink that can do everything, and no printer that can support every sort of ink. What you can do and the effects you can produce will be influenced by the configuration of your ink as well as its chemical composition.

It is critical for organizations to have a solution ready for every print requirement. You can limit down the important elements if you know what you need to do. You and your customers will have the best chance of receiving exactly what you want if you combine the right ink technology and print device for your business.

Difference in Ink Technologies

ink technology

Eco-solvent ink

Eco-solvent ink technology employs biodegradable refined oil extracts and is low in volatile organic compound (or VOC) levels, making it nearly odorless and requiring no special ventilation or environmental equipment.

Water, scratch, and UV resistant eco-solvent ink attaches to a wide range of uncoated materials. It can produce images of unrivaled quality and, in the case of Sublistar ink, provides wider gamut ink possibilities such as Green and Orange for excellent color matching.

It is an excellent choice for printing banners, signage, decals, vehicle graphics, packaging, and point-of-purchase materials.

UV Ink

A print head applies UV ink, which is promptly cured by UV lamps. UV ink allows for high-definition output, such as tactile textures and unique effects for high-end applications.

Because there is no time for the ink to infiltrate or bleed into the substrate, crisp quality is nearly guaranteed, whether you’re printing onto vinyl, plastic, wood, metal, or almost any other substrate. UV ink is a common choice for both direct-to-object printing and wide format roll-to-roll printing due to its versatility.

Resin Ink

Resin ink was created for specific applications and users who require high quality print, outstanding color saturation, and the ability to print on a variety of substrates. Resin ink dries quickly for quick turnaround times and has a low environmental impact because it is a water-based solution with low VOC levels.

The new Resin ink provides natural, vibrant print results that capitalize on the media texture, making it a viable option for large format printing on a variety of applications such as interior wall graphics, stickers and labels, office and retail graphics, internal décor, and vehicle graphics and wraps.

Ink Regulation

Most commercially available inks must meet chemical safety regulations. Official bodies award these certificates, which include accreditations such as OKEO-TEX Eco Passport and GREENGUARD. Although most inks are adequate for standard print applications, some clients, such as schools and hospitals, have more severe requirements. If you are targeting these clientele, you should think about using an ink that is suitable for such conditions.

ink technology
ink technology

OEM Inks

Some print professionals are tempted to save money by using inks from sources other than those authorised by the hardware maker. Some inks may be less expensive, however this is only a short-term savings. Because the devices are only designed to deliver a specific ink formula, third-party inks might gradually damage the printer, resulting in extra downtime and maintenance expenditures. Furthermore, most hardware warranties do not cover damage caused by the use of unauthorized inks. Lastly, there is no certainty that these third-party inks have passed the certification standards stated above.

Because ink technology defines print performance and application success, having the appropriate match is critical to generating the greatest results for your customer. The printer is responsible for a big portion of the manufacturing, but ink is unquestionably a component of the end product, thus technology must continue to advance as economic, brand, and environmental standards all evolve.

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