Who is the lower cost of DTF T-shirt Printer or traditional heat transfer printing T-shirt?

What is a DTF T-shirt Printer? Why is it difficult to make traditional heat transfers more brilliant now? Which of the two costs is lower?

In the current economic environment, many people are no longer satisfied with their main business to meet their living expenses. You must find some easy, low investment, and quick-effective sideline businesses to help you realize a considerable income. Many necessities in life are unexpected money. For example, custom printed T-shirts, hats, canvas bags, canvas shoes, mugs, mousepads, and so on.

But how can this be done? If you sell the finished product directly from other distributors, it will be similar to others’ products, not attractive, and will not highlight the competitive advantage of your own products. It is very likely that you will lose all your investment. This is not our ultimate goal.

This is about to accept the digital offset heat transfer printer we mentioned above. Next, we will analyze the cost of the DTF T-shirt Printer and traditional heat transfer printing T-shirts from various angles.

1.The difference in investment machines

Sublistar’s DTF T-shirt Printer Machine only needs to invest in a heat transfer printer and a powder shaker. It can be said that the investment is in place at one time, and the corresponding consumables and ink can be purchased later. Moreover, this DTF T-shirt Printer machine has a small footprint, which is less than the size of a parking space. DTF T-shirt Printer is a one-stop hollow printing and automatic powder shaking, and it is the finished product of heat transfer, which is very efficient.

In traditional heat transfer, in addition to the heat transfer printer, you have to buy a laminating machine and a cutting plotter. Tawang’s cutting plotter costs 12,000 yuan.

For complex patterns, you have to buy a good laser engraving machine. This is even more expensive and costs 23,000 yuan. Distributed operations among various machines require the cooperation of multiple personnel, resulting in complex procedures and slow efficiency.

The labor costs and time-consuming costs of the above-mentioned processes are all large expenditures. And the investment of laminating machines, carving machines, laser engraving machines ranges from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands yuan, and the actual utilization rate is unknown. This virtually adds multiple risks to your investment.

2. the difference in craftsmanship

Sublistar’s DTF T-shirt Printer Machine is particularly simple in-process and craftsmanship. You only need to enter the pattern you want to print, whether it is complex or simple. Through the analysis of the printing software, you can print the hollow pattern in one click, which is simple and easy to use. And it supports personalized customization, adding patterns at any time, and simple operation.

Traditional heat transfer is much more complicated in the process. Simple patterns are fine, but complex patterns need to be cut out through photo editing software such as PS. These processes are time-consuming and laborious. After printing, a laminating machine is required to cover the film, and then to carry out the lettering, which is complicated. A comparison between the two can highlight the advantages of our DTF T-shirt Printer Machine operation.

3.the difference between pattern feel and washability

After the operation of the DTF T-shirt Printer Machine, the pressed product feels soft to the touch. It is skin-friendly and comfortable to wear, breathable and refreshing, resistant to stretching and washing. The wet and dry wiping fastness can reach level 4, and it will not crack and have an offset printing feeling even after washing dozens of times.

Traditional heat transfer has a cold and hard texture and is not breathable. It looks like a hard piece to the touch, and the adhesion is not strong. After a few items of washing, it will crack and fall off, and it will have a sticky glue feeling.

4.the difference in health and environmental protection

DTF T-shirt Printer Machine prints with water-based environmentally friendly ink, no waste, and no pollution during the printing process and the hot melt powder used is also healthy and environmentally friendly. It is fully in line with the current international standards, regardless of the customers at home and abroad, the feedback is very good.

Traditional heat transfer requires film coating, a lot of waste material, glue paste, and ordinary materials. This has an adverse effect on the environment. Nowadays, the country’s requirements for environmental protection are getting higher and higher, which means that traditional heat transfers will eventually be launched on the stage of history.

5. the requirements for patterns are different

DTF T-shirt Printer Machine, through software analysis, automatic pattern hollowing processing, no matter how small or complex patterns are can be printed, there is no special requirement for color, you can print at will. So in the off-season, it is very suitable to take some flexible small orders. For example, group clothes, performance clothes, yoga clothes, class clothes, and so on in the club. They can also accept their customized patterns or creative designs.

In traditional heat transfer, some very complicated and small patterns are difficult to complete with an engraving machine, and there will be a choice in color. And there are restrictions on fabrics. A restriction on patterns and fabrics means that the selectivity is reduced, and customer orders will eventually be lost to competitors.

6.the difference between personnel and venues

DTF T-shirt Printer Machine, from printing to heat transfer finished product, one person is enough. When the business is mature, one more operator can be added and the machine can be added. Two people can cooperate to watch multiple machines, and one machine occupies less than one parking space, which saves more space and directly reduces the rental cost of houses.

In traditional heat transfer, each machine is divided into different operations, from drawing-printing-laminating-cutting-lettering, at least two or three people are required to complete a set of processes, and it occupies a lot of space.

In summary, DTF T-shirt Printer Machine is a new-generation marketed product with obvious advantages and lower costs. What else do you want to know about DTF T-shirt Printer Machine?

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