Why are Decorative Paintings Made with UV flatbed Printer So Popular?

Decorations & UV flatbed Printer   The living room is the main place for everyone to relax and get together with friends. The decoration style of the living room affects the mood of the residents every day. The living room decoration market has been growing rapidly for five consecutive years. “Attaching importance to decorative design” has long become the consensus of young customers. They hope that the living room design is fashionable, tasteful, and can reflect their own ideas and hobbies.

With the global real estate market entering the “stock age”, the living room decoration industry will enjoy sustained growth for at least ten years. If you can grasp the psychology of the younger generation of consumers, and design personalized decorative wall that matches the interior furniture, you will seize the opportunity given by the times.

Background wall

Nowadays, many ceramic tiles and glass background walls on the market are made with this type of printer. The powerful function of the UV flatbed printer provides technical support for the customization business of the background wall. The development of UV technology has promoted the arrival of a new era in the home decoration industry. The living room background wall made by UV flatbed printer is beautiful and generous, and it cooperates with the TV, sofa, and tea table in color and style to create a comfortable and personalized style.

Glass painting

Glass is crystal clear, pollution-free, and colorful, which is convenient for making fashionable decorations. At the same time, glass is cheap and suitable for making decorations of various sizes.

The appearance of the UV machines makes glass decorations have unprecedented patterns, colors, shapes, and effects. UV technology has made the designer’s imagination come true. This kind of machine can print oil paintings, watercolors, photos, three-dimensional patterns, etc. on glass exactly according to the design drawings. This technological innovation combines art with glass, so that glass ornaments can quickly win consumers’ favor with low prices and exquisite decorative effects.

UV  flatbed printer

This kind of printing technology can make beautiful pictures on quartz glass, white glass, frosted glass, ultra-thin glass, tempered glass, etc. It can not only achieve 3D stereoscopic effect but also add varnish to the pictures. UV flatbed printers can create a variety of patterns on glass, such as frosting, water lines, etc.

This kind of glass decoration retains the original crystal clear characteristics of the glass. In addition to various exquisite patterns and beautiful colors, it improves the fashion sense of the entire living room and makes friends feel the aesthetic taste of the house owner.

Every time before printing glass decorations, a special coating shall be sprayed to prevent the pattern from fading. At the same time, the UV ink matching with the coating must be environment-friendly and high-quality ink, otherwise, it is easy to cause pollution, poor coating adhesion, and other problems.

Glass decoration has the characteristics of crystal clear, elegant, and fresh. The glass decorations produced by UV printing technology are welcomed by many high-end places because of their colorful and unique design. At the same time, from a commercial point of view, a machine makes a piece of glass become a work of art in a few minutes, and its commercial value is self-evident.

Ceramic decorative painting

Over the past few years, a fashion trend has arisen in the decoration industry – dozens of printed tiles were put together to form a complete picture and spread all over the wall. The emergence of this new fashion depends on the powerful functions of the UV flat-panel printer.

In the past, designers did not choose ceramics because the effect of using ceramics as decorations could not reach wallpaper and other decorative materials. Nowadays, UV-printed ceramic decorative paintings appear in five-star hotels, airports, and other places. UV printing technology subverts traditional screen printing technology, without complicated processes. Both simple and full-color patterns can be printed at one time, and the designs are waterproof and wear-resistant. Unlike screen printing, which is suitable for batch printing of the same pattern, UV flat-panel printer meets the requirements of customization. As long as the pattern to be printed is input into the computer, the UV printer will spray ink according to the color ratio input by the computer. Ceramic surfaces are composed of extremely dense color dots, which can not only reach dozens of colors but also can be used for color gradient effects. And the definition is incomparable with traditional technology. The 360DPI high resolution adopted by inkjet technology is equivalent to 12 million pixels of a digital camera, while the traditional printing technology is equivalent to 3 million pixels.

A single ceramic painting below 60cm * 90cm can be completed by a small UV machine. If you need larger size decorations or even one-time printing of wall-size decorative paintings, you need a large UV printer and a spray coating machine. After printing the boards, a layer of high brightness varnish on the surface of the background wall can protect the pattern and improve the picture effect.


With the gradual growth of the post-90s generation of consumers, they will soon become the main consumers of personalized decorations. However, this generation of consumers has a high degree and an open mind. They generally advocate freedom, innovation, and self-expression. They have different consumption concepts and habits from the past. This means that the decoration market must take the road of diversification.

Decorations made by UV printing technology have already entered the high-end consumer market. Decorations with unique design and fashion taste are 3-4 times the price of ordinary products. In the face of the living room decoration industry and the constantly innovative UV printing technology, living room decorative paintings will occupy more market shares.

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