DTF Transfer Printers

Why are DTF Transfer Printers the Next Big thing in Printing Market?

DTF, Direct to Film Printers, provides a new opportunity for small and medium-sized entreprises that are experiencing the management crisis, which can be called a turnarounds at your business. Whatever your printing business is small orders or big reseller, DTF transfer printers are suitable for all kinds of varieties.

What are the Reasons to Choose DTF Printers?

It’s profitable. As I mentioned above, DTF transfer printers are the next big thing in digital printing market. Why? Helping you making lots of money may be the most important reason. That explains why many people are interested in it. Taking shirts business as an example, the price of a common white T-shirt is about $1.4, while a T-Shirts with printed patterns can be sold about $18. If you sell one DIY T-shirt, you will at least earn $14(minus the film, powder and labour cost). Then you make 100 T-shirts on average, and you will produce 3000 shirts after a month. Finally, you can earn $42,000 after selling out all the T-shirts. Doesn’t sound attractive?
The patterns printed by the DTF Printers are durable. The working process of DTF Printers is to print designed patterns onto the film directly and transfer it to the fabric through heat press machine. Therefore, the images won’t crack or peel when the fabric is pulled and stretched and the fibers also won’t push through the patterns.
No fabric limitations. Different from sublimation printers or DTG, both of them have limit fabric options. Sublimation printers are only suitable for polyester and blends, while DTG is only suitable for cotton. But DTF transfer printer owners don’t need to worry about this issue because it can be applied into different materials, such as cotton, polyester and poly blends, which is versatile printing machine for clothes.
No Pretreatment and color restrictions. If you use DTG printer to print somethinf, you have to do the pretreatment, otherwise, the patterns printed on the clothes might be fade after times of washing, which is especially in the dark clothes.

DTF Transfer Printers

How does the DTF Transfer Printer Work?

There are five steps to transfer the artwork from the computer to the T-shirt.
Step one: design the artwork. You can design the image with PS or other picture processing sofftwares. To make sure the printing quality, you should use RIP software provided by the professional DTF manufacturers.
Step two: Connecting your laptop to the printer and the printer starts to print images on the PET films. As a professional DTF Printer manufacturer, Sublistar has different types of printers whose width range from A3 size to 44 inches, which can meet the needs of all the clients.
Step three: Pouring the Powder to conical box of DTF Printer. Then the hot melt powder will be sprinkled onto the the film evenly. Before you purchase powder, you need to pay attention the powder with good adhesion and excellent adhered to the ink one.
Step four: Heat Prss Machine. Cut the PET Film, put it on the T-shirt and put down the heat press machine. After twenty minutes, you lift up the press machine. I have to mention that the heating temperature varies according to different press machines and you need to adjust the right parameters after reading its technical instructions.
Step five: Peel off the film. You can peel off the film until it cool down to the room temperature.

DTF Printers are the best choice for SMES

Generally speaking, screen printing is used to large-scale orders which duplicate the same design. One day you suddenly receive some small orders of dozens of prints and all of them have different designs. It seems that screen printing doesn’t work because it’s not the economical way and waste time. At the same time, you also don’t want to lose this orders for it still can earn a bucket of money. Then DTF must be your prior choice, which is quite simple way for one-off T-shirt design.
To know DTF printers better, you can communicate with DTF owners on some forums in the social network, such as Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. Also, you can subscribe our website-Sublistar and you can know the latest information of digital printing world and the new machine comes to the market.

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