Sometimes when Using DTG Printers, Why Can’t You Get High-definition Patterns ?

DTG printer is welcomed by merchants and consumers because of its simple operation process, the capability of dealing with small batch orders, producing delicate patterns and colors, and good handle of the finished products.

DTG printing is the latest technology in the cotton printing industry. It uses advanced intelligent printing technology to spray dye on the surface of the fabric to form a pattern. Unlike heat transfer printing (mainly used on T-shirts and sportswear), the patterns need to be firstly printed on the film and then transferred to fabrics with special tools. It is also different from traditional screen printing, circular screen printing, and other technologies.

This process has many advantages, but there are also some problems with the operation that perplex the merchants who buy this kind of machine. For example, when using the machine, they will find that sometimes they can’t gain high-definition patterns. Why can others use the same type of printer to obtain high-definition and beautiful patterns? yet I can not have them. Today, let’s analyze several reasons for this phenomenon.

  1. The pattern in photoshop is not high-definition enough

When you use Photoshop to adjust the pattern on the computer, you should enlarge the picture about 300 times and check the details repeatedly. If the edge of the picture is still clear at this time, it means that the pattern has reached the requirements. Such clarity can ensure that the pattern on the finished T-shirt will not be blurred.

      2. Do you choose the right print mode

Have you adjusted the color mode to CMYK mode before printing? The pattern that the DTG T-shirt printer can recognize can only be in CMYK format. If you set it incorrectly, the printed pattern is likely to be white. So, choosing the right mode is very important.

  1. The pictures brought by customers are not clear enough

The clarity of the patterns on clothes has a lot to do with the clarity of the picture on the computer. Today, when personalized customization is popular, many customers will provide pictures to businesses to make them on clothes. A large part of the pictures provided by customers is downloaded directly from the Internet. The pixels of the pictures are not high enough to meet the requirements. In this case, if the picture is directly input into the computer and then printed, the pattern on the T-shirt will be blurred. In such a situation, businesses should clearly explain to customers that pictures whose pixels fail to meet the requirements cannot be adjusted through PS software, and they cannot act willfully if they want a fine pattern. If customers like some styles very much, they can communicate with designers and ask them to find qualified patterns from professional websites. If the customer provides photos of hand-painted pictures, the staff of the printing shop could use a high-definition camera to change them into qualified photos, and then input them into the computer for printing.

       4. Resolution is not OK

If you are using Photoshop software, please modify the resolution according to the step of the image- canvas size – resolution. When using a DTG machine to print clothes, the resolution is very important. Adjusting the resolution while changing the size of the picture can enhance its clarity of the picture. Professional printers must master the skills of adjusting the resolution. Only when the picture on the computer is set to the best state, the final pattern can be clear.

  1. There is no fore treatment when printing dark T-shirts

When printing white T-shirts, only color ink is used, and the consumption of ink is limited. Nowadays, DTG technology has gradually become a common printing method for drawing white T-shirts. When printing dark T-shirts, in order to achieve better results, technicians usually spray treatment fluid on the cloth before printing and then press the cloth with a hot-press machine. When printing dark T-shirts, we should first print the white bottom layer, and then print the color layer.

Experience is gradually accumulated in the process of practice. If operators can pay attention to the above requirements and use them properly, the DTG printer can make high-definition patterns on T-shirts.

Compared with screen printing technology, which still occupies a considerable share in the market, DTG T-shirt printing technology has very obvious advantages. It can flexibly handle small batch orders. For example, when customers need to print one or two clothes, DTG technology can also meet customers’ needs. In this regard, screen printing technology can not be compared with it. For DTF printing, the ink particles used in DTG technology are very fine, and can easily penetrate into the fabric. The pattern formed in this way is integrated with the clothes, without affecting the softness and comfort of cotton itself.


Now many young people wear T-shirts with fantastic patterns and colors. Substantial numbers of these T-shirts are printed by the DTG process. This printing method subverts the traditional ones. It is intelligent, fast, and can meet customers’ needs for personalized customization. At the same time, the process is also very environmentally friendly. DTG printer does not need a lot of water to work. From the fore treatment of cloth to the printing of clothes, there is no waste gas and wastewater discharged in the whole process.

DTG printing, which integrates many merits, is destined to be the trend in the T-shirt printing industry. Especially today, as the personalized printing business is booming, DTG printing technology is at the right time.

Pay attention to our website and learn the professional technical knowledge. In the process of work, constantly summarize the experience and broaden your knowledge. I believe you will be able to master DTG printing technology, print satisfactory products for customers, and receive numerous orders.

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