Why choose our DTG printing machine and how to use for beginners?

Why the DTG printing machine is so fashionable? If you want to have a t-shirt business, you maybe hear about the DTG printing machine. But you are a beginner, you don’t know how to use it. After searching for some information, you find to get nothing. So let me tell you the easy way to know and make use of it.

1、What’s the DTG printing machine

First, we introduce the definition of digital DTG printing. The DTG printing machine refers to the pattern that is directly printed on solid-color ready-to-wear t-shirts or printed on cotton pieces. Whether you want to use this machine on pure black or pure white clothes.

Now the world is affected by the epidemic, economic benefits are not good, and people are reducing expenditure. At this time, it is also an opportunity for a small capital enterprise. Choosing to use a DTG printing machine can help you obtain higher quality at a lower cost, and also provide customers with benefits. This win-win situation has always been our common goal.

DTG printing machine is a machine suitable for small-scale customized mass production. At present, some manufacturing industries have gradually entered a dilemma. Therefore, new manufacturing is the way to survive the sustainable development of the future market. Unlike the traditional manufacturing industry with large investment and easy overstocking, our machines can be produced in quantity according to customer needs, reducing the loss caused by inventory and backlog, which is more conducive to your business.


Personalized customization and high added value. The detailed specifications of our machine require that each piece of cloth be cut to the same size, and the position of the clothing printing pattern must be unified. The printing of each piece of clothing requires the same pattern, piece by piece. Print. The usual single-head printing can produce 30-40 pieces of white T-shirts and 30 pieces of black T-shirts per hour. (Note that the machine needs time for work and rest)

2、The process of DTG printing machine

Next, we will introduce the working process of DTG printing machines. To briefly summarize, there are four steps: image RIP processing -> spray pretreatment liquid -> direct printing -> color fixation.

(1). Image RIP processing

For a T-shirt to print better, the picture effect must be good, the impurities in the picture must be cleaned, and the color blocks that are prone to color difference must be fine-tuned in the picture processing software (this requires long-term experience accumulation ), in this way, you can ensure that the picture you want is the effect you want.

(2). Pray pretreatment liquid

Before the pure cotton T-shirt is fixed on the platform, it needs to be pre-treated. The pre-treatment liquid of light-colored cotton fabric and the pre-treatment liquid of dark pure cotton fabric is different. The pre-treatment liquid of light-colored fabric is mainly Used to increase the vividness of the pattern, the pre-treatment liquid of the dark cotton fabric is used to produce a chemical reaction with the white ink used for the primer so that the white ink can be firmly absorbed on the dark cotton fabric. The tools are diversified. You can use professional spray coating equipment or electric spray cans. In the process of spraying, it must be evenly sprayed, and the amount must be sufficient. The effect of uneven or insufficient printing will not be good, and it will be easy to wash off. Over spraying will easily cause waste. If it is not used well, the cost of spraying a piece of clothing may be Will exceed the cost of white ink.

(3).Direct printing

After spraying the pre-treatment liquid, you need to use a scraper to scrape it evenly. Then put it on the pressing machine, and then use the DTG printer to easily complete it.

(4).Color fixation.

The T-shirt coming out of the T-shirt direct spraying machine is actually just a semi-finished product. After fixing, it can ensure that the pattern will not fall. There are certain tricks for fixing. If the temperature is too high, it is easy to cause damage to the fabric. The color fastness is not enough. If the time is too long, it is easy to damage the fabric. If the time is too short, the pattern will be washed off. Finally ready to wear.


3、Matters needing attention during the use of DTG printing machine

We often pay attention to what problems will be encountered in the use of the machine, how to solve this problem, do not worry. We provide you with a one-stop solution.

In view of the problems encountered by customers in the past, the nozzles of the machine were easily blocked and could not continue to run, which greatly affected the work progress. For this reason, our digital DTG printer made a double white ink bottle circulation system. Circulation is actually drawing from one white ink cartridge into another white ink cartridge, twitching back and forth, stirring back and forth, to maintain the fluidity of the ink, it is not easy to block the nozzle.

In addition, there are also customers who have used the brand DTG printing machine, and the brand machine has been turned on for as long as one hour. Customers report that the turn-on time is too long, which affects production efficiency. Moreover, the main function of the machine during this hour is to clean the print heads. After the process is over, the ink cost of nearly 23$ will be washed away. If this is a very small T-shirt manufacturer, the cost is too high and not practical.

We also have a liquid level alarm function, designed to remind you that the ink is about to run out, do not forget to add ink. Make sure your machine can operate normally.

4、DTG printing machine produces finished products

Our machines can be applied to clothing fabrics such as cotton, linen, cotton and linen blended fabric, silkworm silk, polyester fabric, flannel, etc., to help you expand your business scope.


You can take a look at the effect of our finished product, if you need it, you can contact us and we will send you samples. As shown in the figure: our products have delicate colors. After you receive the sample, you can touch it and feel the color fastness and cleaning resistance.

Before you produce the finished product, you need to use the RIP software mentioned above. The additional function of this software can preview the cost before printing each picture, display the estimated ink consumption, and calculate the cost of printing a T-shirt in time.  This is helpful for pricing your products, and providing price references when doing promotional activities.

After reading this, do you have a general understanding of what the DTG printing machine is? So, as a novice, do you want to try it?

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