Why Choose SUBLISTAR DTF printer to Make Custom T-shirts?

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Nowadays, young people seem to prefer customization. On their birthday or Valentine’s day, they like to send customized shirts as gifts. Also, when summer comes, they print their favorite words on T-shirts to show their values and taste. Moreover, the uniforms of college students also should be customized. The young want to show their love for life in their clothing with creative patterns. The fancy of young people is the signpost of fashion. As more people begin to choose personalized clothing, business opportunities are here. Driven by the trend of fashion, many companies now choose to design clothing for their employees. At the time that their staff goes out to participate in activities, beautiful and personalized employee clothing is the best business card.

What kind of printing process should be selected for custom T-shirts?

DTF printing is a new printing process, which has become the beloved technology of the garment printing industry in recent years. The process is divided into two steps: printing patterns on the film and transferring them to the clothes. Step 1: Once the pattern on the computer is okay, the computer gives the “print” command, then the printer will spray ink on the special film according to the preset data. The printed picture is rich in layers, bright in color, and has almost no color difference, which can absolutely meet the requirements of the designer. The second step is to place the clothes on a heat press machine and place patterns on the clothes. The heat press machine can help transfer the picture to the surface of the clothes. The whole process is easy to operate and is very popular in the T-shirt customization industry.

Characteristics of DTF printing

Its main advantage is that it can produce high-definition designs and 3D patterns. The pictures processed with DTF printing have beautiful colors and delicate tones, which can be very close to the design draft on the computer, but this process also has some shortcomings. In terms of soft handle, when you touch the pattern on the clothes, there will be a feeling of coating. If the picture is big, it is like a film attached to the clothes, which makes the wearer feel stuffy. Because the hot melt powder used by some businesses is an airtight one, the product made with this powder is not very ideal. And if you encounter elastic clothes, some patterns produced with ordinary hot melt powder are easy to be torn.

In operation, due to the different printing equipment of each enterprise, and the materials used in the process of printing patterns are also different, the quality of products varies greatly. Some printers can make photo-like patterns; Some images are blurred, and the clarity and color saturation is not up to standard. Some enterprises use ordinary hot melt powder, and the pictures do not dare to exceed a certain size, because those designs are neither breathable nor tensile.


The New Generation printing technology integrates printing and shaking power into one machine. The patterns can be pressed on both dark and light Garments like cotton, polyester, 50/50 blends, spandex, leather, and nylon. The printers make up for the shortcomings of the existing dtf technology. The max print width is 600mm, and the max print speed is up to 10㎡/h. The machine can not only print high-definition patterns but also make fluorescent colors, glitter patterns, and other effects.

Print head


Print head Resolution Mode of printing Speed/ ignition Printing speed


720×1200-2BIT 360-Not fuzzy 1.51M/21.5K 12.7㎡/h
720×1800-2BIT 360-Not fuzzy 1.51M/21.5K 8.41㎡/h
360×1800-2BIT 360standard-Not fuzzy 1.51M/21.5K 25.6㎡/h
360×1800-2BIT 360standard-Not fuzzy 1.51M/21.5K 16.8㎡/h
CADlink RIP Software For DTF Printer

CADlink DigitalFactory Version 10 offers you high-fidelity color printing, the professional management tools can simplify your production process from start to finish.

The crossbeam of the SUBLISTAR printer, which is the bearing guide rail, is made of fine steel so that there will be no shaking during printing. The guide rail is imported from foreign countries, which is durable and does not generate noise.
SUBLISTAR uses high-quality transfer paper and ink. The printed pattern is very thin, and it is breathable, non-sticky, non-cracking, washable, and not easy to fall off.

Breathable powder
The product printed with breathable powder keeps the soft handle of cotton clothes to the greatest extent. The pattern will not stick to the clothes as tightly as the plastic film.

Anti-stretch DTF Powder
Particles of anti-stretch powder are very fine and easy to melt. The pattern printed with this powder is suitable for elastic fabrics.

Bright colors

Glittering picture

To those companies engaged in garment printing

Young consumers like to print words, oil paintings, photos, cartoon characters, and even constellations on their clothes. Some design companies keep up with fashion trends. They use AI intelligent devices to help customers make their own designs according to their preferences and wishes.

Having design, coupled with the SUBLISTAR printer, finally, you can perfectly make a fashionable new dress for your customers. DTF printing technology is the most suitable process for small-batch garment customization at present.

In autumn, many enterprises will prepare group activities to give employees a relaxing time. Furthermore, they will customize uniform clothes for their employees while they are holding that sort of thing. This means that they will print the enterprise logo or promotional language on the clothes. The new term is coming, and the college students who live together will discuss making a unique dress to commemorate the beginning of the new life at the University. No matter what kind of customized T-shirt, with the SUBLISTAR DTF printer, you can easily print your desired designs on the clothing. The pattern shown on the computer is the effect you will see on the clothes. The powerful function of the SUBLISTAR DTF printer will not disappoint you.

For those who do online garment printing business, you should learn more about the SUBLISTAR DTF printer. Its technology is constantly upgraded, and the quality of products exceeds that of most businesses in the industry. With SUBLISTAR DTF printers, guests are returning in increasing numbers.

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