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Why Choose Sublistar DTG Printer?

While constantly improving the quality of our DTF printers, we, like our customers, are also looking for the most suitable transfer printing method. We have launched UV DTF printers for hard materials, and DTF printers for apparel fabrics. Although it has covered most of the items in our lives, it is undeniable that DTG (direct to garment) printing is still the best way to print on pure cotton fabrics. Why Choose Sublistar DTG Printer? Let me introduce the advantages and features of our Sublistar DTG printers!

DTG printer1. Advantages of the Sublistar DTG Printer

1)The machine is similar in function and structure concept to the Japanese Brother machine.

2)The machine has automatic wake-up function and automatic maintenance under standby conditions;

3)Timed circulation system, automatic height detection function, to prevent scratching the print head;

4)Negative pressure ink supply system to maintain stable ink supply and reduce the frequency of clogging;

5)Machine start-up cleaning mode: In order to ensure the good state of the print head, Brother machine has set the default value. When the machine is turned on, regardless of whether the print head is in good condition, the ink consumption is a fixed mode, which increases the ink consumption invisibly. The cost of using ink is increased; the cleaning mode of our machine is different. Choose to clean on demand according to the actual situation of the nozzle. This mode can save ink consumption.

6)Platform lifting, in order to increase the lifting stroke of the platform and better adjust the printing range, especially the platform gasket that is the same as the Brother machine is added, so that it can have a better choice.

Sublistar DTG Printer2. Software Highlights

1)Exclusive COLORSHIFT feature that creates color variations based on the t-shirt background, this feature also allows you to automatically remap the hue of certain images to fit the color of the t-shirt itself.

2)BG.A.P proprietary technology

This unique feature uses the color of the t-shirt as virtual tinting, minimizing the use of CMYK real inks, especially white ink; this gives the t-shirt a more natural and tactile look and greatly reduces ink on fabric consumption and thickness.

3)Main features of the software

※Color accuracy – what you see on the screen is what is printed
※White Mask Generator – Easily create white underlays to print on dark clothing without relying on photo editing software programs
※Cost Calculator – Print to preview ink cost
※Archive print jobs anytime, view settings and costs
※White Density Profile – Adjust the amount of white ink and achieve different effects on the same print
※Decolorization function
※Easy to use – drag and drop and print, no special skills required
※Support all common image file formats (tif gif jpeg png pdf)
※Compatible with Mac OS and Windows

What’s The Difference Between DTF and DTG Printer?

DTF means direct to film printing, its an alternative printing process to DTG printer.

As we as a whole realize that DTG is direct to garment printer,which is reasonable for cotton textures printing,such as cotton T-shirt, POLO shirt printing. Furthermore DTF printer is appropriate for all non-textures printing,such as polyester, caps printing,shoes printing,canvas printing.

The DTF material printing ink application is that the ink is imprinted on the hotness move film, and afterward a layer of hot liquefy powder is sprinkled on the outer layer of the hotness move film, and afterward the shading is created by squeezing; while the DTG ink application is directly imprinted on the texture.

1. DTG Printing

It requires pre-treatment: For DTG, the cycle begins with the pre-treatment of the garment. This progression is important prior to printing since we will be working directly on the texture, which will permit the ink to hold well and try not to move it to the texture. Also, we want to warm the garment prior to printing to enact this treatment.

DTF printer

Print directly onto the garment: With DTG, you can print directly onto the garment, so the interaction can be more limited than DTF and you don’t have to move.

Imprinting on cotton: With this sort of printing, we can print on cotton garments.

2.DTF Printing

No pre-treatment: In DTF printing, there is no compelling reason to pre-treat the texture since it is pre-imprinted on the film and should be moved.

Any sort of texture: One of the upsides of DTF is that it permits you to utilize any kind of texture, not simply cotton.

Now you should understand the features and advantages of our Sublistar direct-to-garment printers. Hope this article is helpful for you to choose the suitable DTG printer.

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