Format Flatbed Cutter

Why choose Sublistar Format Flatbed Cutter?

Format Flatbed Cutter has been in the market for a long time, why have we only launched this product now? It’s because more customers buy DTF Printer. Some customers have bought a lot of machines, but due to the high value of labor in some countries, a smart Format Flatbed Cutter is needed to replace manual operation. As a special machine for cutting PET film, the cutting machine can be said to be quite convenient, fast, and efficient.

Sublistar Format Flatbed Cutter provides a perfect solution for pattern proofing, contour cutting of graphics and text, and customized production in small batches. It is suitable for template-free cutting of various hard and soft film materials. Widely used in clothing/shoes plate making, traffic signs/high-strength reflective film, industrial products/car paint mask, mobile phone film, window display/label film, packaging/heavy paper, self-adhesive/label magnet, sandblasting/sandblasting Protective film rubber, photography/photo paper, etc. Newly added offline function (U disk offline transmission) and one-key barcode reading function, which is more convenient for users to operate in various links.

The above are the application areas of Format Flatbed Cutter, so what is the reason for choosing Format Flatbed Cutter? Format Flatbed Cutter has outstanding performance advantages and is the first in China-tool tip compensation is performed through hardware instead of software. The hardware tool repair method is in a leading position in the industry. This function can keep the machine in a state of high-precision processing for a long time without worrying about accuracy instability caused by software replacement.

Industry-leading offline barcode reading function

Format Flatbed Cutter

Format Flatbed Cutter has a one-click barcode reading function without connecting to a PC. It is easier to achieve completely offline automated production and is more suitable for performing offline mixing tasks. For example access multiple cutting tasks in a U disk, Format Flatbed Cutter can automatically retrieve the cutting tasks after reading the barcode with one key and cutting correctly. More efficient and time-saving.

Intelligent countertop compensation system

The Format Flatbed Cutter can aim at the phenomenon that the surface of the material is not level, and realize the automatic knife pressure compensation during the cutting process through the precise grating positioning the behavior of the cart dragging tool, and accurately realize the effect of half-cutting and full-cutting. The cutting quality is perfect and consistent, and the machine table will never be damaged during the cutting process.

Smooth cut surface, no adhesion

Format Flatbed Cutter under the action of precision grating ruler and corresponding pressure control system, the material has a smooth cut surface, no burr, no adhesion, and easy to discharge waste. This feature can significantly reduce user workload.

An advanced motion control algorithm

Format Flatbed Cutter has been accumulated, explored, and verified through many years of experience in this industry. Our software engineers independently developed the industry-leading motion control algorithm, which can obviously eliminate the phenomenon of arcs and materials being provoked at the corners, thus realizing high-precision machining.

Overcut optimization function

Format Flatbed Cutter’s self-developed CAM software has systematically optimized the physical overcutting phenomenon of the tool and realized the seamless connection of long format to ensure excellent cutting results.

Format Flatbed Cutter

Effectively eliminate electrostatic interference

The electrostatic interference of Format Flatbed Cutter has a serious impact on the plotter. After long-term efforts, we have effectively solved the difficulties in this industry, and this result has successfully passed the long-term test under different weather conditions. Elimination of electrostatic interference is especially important for protecting high-value materials.

Advanced multi-layer film cutting solution

The machine has half-cut/full-cut modes, and the user can choose a single-mode or all. When selecting all, the machine will automatically output separately. For multilayer film processing, the machine uses different knife pressures for cutting at different levels and automatically switches the knife pressure when changing layers. This function is mostly used for double-layer film proofing and cutting, and can also be used to process a variety of cardboard. This function requires particularly high mechanical precision. Up to now, only a few imported brands and we have this function.

Advanced mark point recognition function

Our own software can generate outer contours with one click, and add markers conveniently. The machine uses the red light positioning method to identify the mark points, which is simpler and time-saving. It only needs to manually identify the first point, and then the machine automatically completes the identification of other mark points, and the positioning accuracy can be adjusted in the software. When the material is placed at a certain angle, the marked points can still be read. This function can save operating time.

One-click installation of the printer driver

The real USB print output can output cutting and drawing tasks under any CAD software with printing capability. The print driver supports WINDOWS 32/64 bit systems. Compatible with a variety of software. We have industry-leading software adaptation capabilities, our equipment is compatible with the latest versions of popular software in the industry, and we can quickly provide upgrade services. For some specific industries, we can provide software development kits to adapt to each other’s database/professional design software, thus forming in-depth cooperation. With our CAD output center software, users can directly output processing files.DXF format without any format conversion. You can stop and delete the file being processed with just one key, and completely delete it from the memory to ensure that the file will not appear again.

Therefore, after a long-term cutting test, ensure that the most perfect results are presented to customers. If you want to have a more in-depth understanding of Format Flatbed Cutter, welcome to leave your information on the contact page of the homepage.

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