The uv flatbed printer can also be called a universal printer, which can be applied to various materials, such as tiles, glass, background walls, PVC, acrylic, leather, handicrafts, crystal albums, suitcases, cosmetics, etc.

 Product Advantages

UV Printing

Delicate Picture Quality

UV Printing

Intelligent Anti-collision Device

UV Printing

Support High Drop Printing

UV Printing

Print White, Color& Vanish At Once

uv printer

How Does UV Printer Work

UV printers work on the principle of inkjet printing. Using UV ink and the UV system, the signal output from the computer is printed in the designated position through the micro-piezo printing principle of the printhead. Through the UV system's UV light curing principle, the UV ink just printed on the product is instantly cured and shaped to print out a beautiful image.

The Features of Sublisatr UV Flatbed Printer

Process Features

Configuration Features


Know the Details about UV Flatbed Printer Below

Electric Cylinder Printing Fixture

Cylinders of different sizes can be printed. The infrared ray in the machine automatically detects the height of the cylinder, and automatically adjusts the height through non-infrared recognition.

Elevating Ink Stack

The printing platform does not move, and the height of the printing is controlled by the lifting and lowering of the beam, so as to better control the printed object.

Negative Pressure Ink Supply System

When the ink in the inkjet head and outlet pipe is attracted by negative pressure air, it stays in balance and does not fall out. When the inkjet head is printed down, the ink can be automatically filled to achieve the effect of continuous printing.


Proprietary Surface Quality Control Technology In Pursuit of Greater Aesthetic Excellence

Imported from the UK, the Xaar printhead has an accuracy of up to 2400dpi, with a fine print quality that can reproduce brilliant colours, bright human skin and more in top quality. The brighter the brighter, the darker the darker, the more beautiful the overall tension, the more charming the colours, effectively attracting the audience’s attention and enhancing the added value of the product.

UV Printing

High-Performance Ink For Colourful Applications

UV inks with excellent colour development and colour reproduction, which are cured by UV light, provide not only brilliant colours but also excellent adhesion.

UV Printing


Peace Of Mind, Nozzle Failure Prevention Technology

When the equipment is in standby mode, the ink cart will periodically flash spray at the left side of the flash spray slot to ensure the smoothness of the printhead.

To prolong the life of the print head, the equipment is also designed with a broken needle compensation function, which can be used when a broken nozzle is detected and cannot be cleaned out to ensure normal printing of the product.

UV Printing

High Jet Strength For Printing On Uneven Surfaces

The printhead can print on uneven surfaces up to a height of 13mm, solving the problem of printing on uneven surfaces.

Print Varnish And 3D Embossing Effect 

White varnish with three printheads for 3D embossing and multi-layered transparent embossing effects, including the amazing varnish gloss and matt finishes.

                 Varnish Glossy Effect                                        Multi-layer Printing                                       Matte Effect    

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