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Why do you choose the DTF printer now?

dtf printing hoodies

Even while DTF printers are unquestionably preferable to DTG printers in many aspects, here is a quick overview to remind you of the benefits of the former. You may always get in touch with us for suggestions or advise on the finest DTF printer for your company if you need assistance getting started with DTF printing. DTF printers are your new best friends if you run a small budget business or work in the garment printing industry and want to reap big returns for the least amount of money spent.



The advantages of Sublistar DTF printers

  1. Support various shades; you don’t need to pay a lot of money to have the product on the market before you start making money.
  2. They are far less expensive than buying expensive DTG printers or other digital printing equipment.
  3. DTF printers provide sharp, defined edges and pictures in a single pass.
  4. DTF prints effectively on demand. DTF printers are excellent for managing small orders if you run a small printing business.
  5. There are no needs to prepare the surface, which lowers your production costs and increases your profit margins.
  6. Less expensive waste due to no water use.
  7. The system is simple to use and setup. Consequently, you do not need to hire any experts. the moment


An alternative to DTG is DTF printing.

DTF printing is perfect for workwear due to the greater durability provided by the specific ink and adhesive. Owing to the use of water-based ink, the DTF printer has a very delicate hand and does not fracture like screen printing. The technique is thus ideal for clothing such as overalls, high visibility, gym, and cycling attire.

The Sublistar DTF printer and heat transfer were specially created and constructed from the ground up. 10 m2 per hour of printing with completely automated curing and application of adhesive. As a result, the 17’’inch Sublistar Star IV DTF printer is one of the China’s fastest fully automated systems. Its dual print head technology generates quick, high-resolution single pass prints. Above all, we believe that the finished garment is of the highest quality and vibrancy. Without the automatic adhesive/curing unit, the DTF printer can be used independently and takes up very little room.


dtg or dtf printing cloth
sublistar dtf printer

The durability of Sublistar DTF printers

The brand-new Sublistar 600mm DTF printer, which can be equipped with 2 to 4 nozzles, is the company’s flagship model. To provide control and color management, powerful Epson industrial print heads are powered by the most recent Sublistar DTF RIP PRO software. The DTF printer has a variety of features, one of which is the “ink mixing” feature, which guarantees flawless white ink circulation and minimizes maintenance and production problems. The wet cap technology eliminates the necessity to flush away the white ink, allowing the printer to be turned off for up to one month.

The DTF technology is the solution you’ve been looking for if you want to replace DTG yet like the appearance and feeling of textile inks. Between DTG, screen printing, and the conventional transfer printing techniques, this innovative technology “Bridges the Gap.” The resulting transfers have brilliant colors, a fantastic feel, and exceptional stretchability.


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