A3 dtf printer

Why Choose SUBLISTAR’s A3 DTF printers?

A3 DTF printer

Modern Technology A3  DTF T shirt PET Film Transfer Printer: The garments need not be pretreated. A DTF heat press, which is quicker and produces better results than a DTG T shirt printer, may automatically send the image created by a DTF A3  printer on PET film to a T-shirt or hoodie.


The wide applications of Sublistar A3 DTF printer and heat transfer

applications of Sublistar A3 DTF printer

Sublistar A3 DTF printers can be used for a variety of items, including T-shirts, canvas bags, leather shoes, masks, umbrellas, and wallets. improved color fixation and fastness. Both dark and light-colored fabrics can be used, especially as users tend to like dark-colored materials. This is not restricted by the color of the cloth. Please take note that items with electrical plugs are made for use in many countries. Because outlets and voltage vary from country to country, this device might need an adapter or converter to be used where you are traveling. Before buying, kindly verify compatibility.

The advantages of Sublistar A3 DTF Printers

The advantages of Sublistar A3 DTF Printers

There’s no need to move the DTF printhead’s actual position: Printheads do not have to be adjusted manually because they can print as soon as DTF ink is added, increasing production efficiency and reducing expenses associated with labor. In terms of the cutting-edge white ink circulation system, the white ink circulation system stops debris from clogging the nozzle. The automatic warming ink system of A3 desktop DTF printers can help reduce wasteful printing losses when DTF ink is low.

All varieties of fabrics, leather, bags, shoes, caps, socks, gloves, umbrellas, plush toys, knitted underwear, swimwear, crafts, and T-shirts and hoodies can be printed by using the T-shirt and hoodie DTF A3 printer. It is appropriate for many different industries, including those that deal with fabrics, leather, bags, shoes, hats, socks, gloves, umbrellas, plush toys, knitted underwear, swimwear, handicrafts, T-shirts, hoodies, cushions, pillows, bags, denim/jeans, and many more.

Sublistar high-quality after-sales support: We are a Chinese DTF printer manufacturer with a dedicated engineering staff and professional technical guidance. Our engineers have created a thorough video for you to install the A3 DTF printer DTF transfer printing for sale.

Regarding the benefits of DTF Cloth printing, the Sublistar 11″ single head a3 DTF printer is suitable for printing on T-shirts made of any background color and fabric type, along with high-elastic, nylon, chemical, swimwear, denim, PVC, and EVA.

Sublistar A3 desktop all-in-one DTF printer is convenient, highly effective, and reasonably priced without cutting plotter, labor, and time savings. What’s more, DTF  consumables are more affordable, produce better results than standard sublimation printing, and are gentle to the touch, and the DTF machine is washable and flexible.


The Features of A3 DTF printers

The Features of A3 DTF printers

Reducing the paper jam issue that traditional printers have with a roller feeder and a fully upgraded device. Reducing printer head clogs significantly increases print head lifetime with white ink mix and circulation. So we need to heat the printed ink with the preheating function and an adjustable temperature to prevent ink flow from impairing the printing result. In addition, we should make the right DTF printing setting as professional clothing printing offers full-color rendering and excellent resolution at industrial print quality. No pretreatment is necessary, making it beginner-friendly and one-pass prints for print shops.


Unscratchable and colorfast printing quality

The micro-piezo inkjet technology of this A3 DTF printer for t-shirt printing machine can accurately restore images, with true and clear color output, light resistance, oxidation resistance, and water resistance and achieve long-lasting maintenance. High elasticity, not easy to deform and fade, durable scratch resistant.


Quick printing and simple controls

Free printing software is offered, allowing users to quickly switch between single-sheet and reel printing. The DTF T shirt printer supports simultaneous printing in either color or monochrome. Sublistar roll printer A3 uses an Epson nozzle, which can make the pattern printed clearer and more beautiful.


Circulation of the ink cartridge to avoid nozzle clogging

Our A3 DTF T shirt printers have an ink moisturizing and circulation system. So its white ink circulation mechanism can successfully prevent nozzle clogging, extending the lifetime of the print head by 50% when compared to conventional printers. And the resolution of this A3 DTTF printer is super high, which means its color transition is smoother with printing thanks to intelligent ink drop technology and micro-voltage.


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