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Why DTF Printing Is Still Compelling In The Market?

You may ask if DTF printing is still compelling since there are so many printing techniques in the market. The answer is obviously  “Yes”.

Quality is the top priority when it comes to using the DTF printer to print for T-shirts, apparel, or any other fabrics.

And yet with a DTF printer, you don’t have a second to guess the superiority of this type of printing.

You’ll be getting your hands on highly detailed and vibrant designs with durability that lasts several years. Yes, even with a couple of washes per week!

And we haven’t even gotten to the versatility of DTF Printing.

It’s the speed of production, applicability on a diverse range of fabrics, and cost-effective DTF printer options to match your business needs, no matter what size of business you are.

All that and more, which we will discuss ahead – so, stick around and find out why DTF Printing is still compelling in the market.

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Quick Overview – What is DTF Printing?

Direct-to-film (DTF) Printing is a technique to transfer designs directly on a film; the film is then heat-transferred using a heat press machine onto your t-shirts, apparel, bags, shoes, canvas wallet, and all other fabric-based products.

star iv printing process
Printing Process Of DTF Printer

Why DTF Printing? What Makes It Better Than Other Methods?

There are other methods of printing designs onto a surface but, you must be wondering, what’s so special about DTF Printing. Here’s what makes it stand out; this will also help you choose the right printing method for your unique requirements.

1. Screen Printing

Screen Printing is great for thick ink applications, mass productions, and detailed designs. However, the latest DTF Printers of today easily cover these features, offering a uniform design feel across the fabric. That and these DTF printers don’t require as high setup costs as is needed for Screen Printing.

Furthermore, the high setup costs make Screen Printing unsuitable for small orders. DTF Printing, on the other hand, is more flexible in terms of order quantity as well as fabric types.

2. DTG Printing

Direct-To-Garment (DTG) Printing works best for photo printing and it prints directly onto the fabric. However, it is slower, requires pre-treatment for darker fabrics, and it loses its cost value on larger orders.

Not to mention that DTG is ideal only for 100% cotton products – meaning, you’ll need to be very specific in terms of its applications. Hence, a lower number of use cases or customer demographics.

3. Sublimation Printing

Sublimation Printing is often the go-to choice for light-colored, high polyester content fabrics. But that’s a double-edged sword as it makes the application of Sublimation Printing highly specific.

DTF Printers work on a wider range of fabrics; can offer a softer, more breathable feel; can produce a matchable print quality (if not better); and can even outlast in terms of durability (need we say more?).

4. Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

HTV offers an easier setup – no need for a dedicated printer and a heat press as required by the DTF. With HTV, all you need is just a heat press and a pre-cut vinyl. But see, that’s the only advantage HTV has over DTF.

DTF Printing will get you superior color vibrancy, complex details on designs, broader applicability, and better costs.

Conclusion – DTF Printing Wins On

  • Versatility – Works on diverse fabrics as well as colors.
  • Flexibility – Designs can capture intricate and complex details.
  • Quality – Often superior color vibrancy, softer/breathable feel, and durability.
  • Speed – Has faster turnaround times and has specific devices for various demands.
  • Economical – Low setup cost yet broader applicability make it perfect for small and medium businesses.

Top Applications Of DTF Printing

One of the most outstanding advantages of DTF printing is its huge range of applications. The following are some typical applications.

1) Custom Apparel And T-Shirts

When it comes to having your bespoke designs on T-shirts, custom apparel, and promotional products, DTF Printers got you covered (no pun intended) because:

  • It personalizes clothing with vibrant designs capturing crisp details with excellent durability.
  • It has high water and rub resistance with no signs of deterioration even up to 2 years with 3 washes per week!

2) Complex Designs And Photos

Whether it’s your home décor with DTF-printed pillows or tablecloths; or other textile decoration products, you’d be surprised by the resourcefulness offered by DTF Printing.

  • From pillows to textile covers, you can personalize your gifts for your loved ones.
  • Let your personality shine through by printing intricate designs and photorealistic images onto a broad range of fabrics around your house.

Meets The Needs Of Businesses Of All Sizes

The beauty of DTF Printing is that as long as you know what you need, you will find it. And that goes for the DTF Printer devices as well.




Big Businesses,

Mass Production, or

Professional Solution

Printing orders from all over the world.

High-speed requirements.

Guaranteed Quality



– 900 – 1200 mm

– 47 Inches

Large Format DTF Printers

Medium Businesses and

Commercial Printing

Low setup costs.

On-demand printing.

Fast turnaround time.



– 450 – 600 mm

– 24 Inches

600mm DTF Printers

Small Businesses and


Family and personal use.

Tailor-made designs.

Customized logo, home décor, and accessories.



– 300 mm

– 12 Inches

DTF A3 Printers

How To Find A Suitable DTF Printer?

Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, there’s a DTF Printer that will match your exact needs.

Granted, there are quite a few considerations that go into choosing the right DTF Printer – such as print volume, required speed, material compatibility, budget, print size, etc. – but you can easily find your answers in this ultimate guide to choose the best DTF printer.

If you know what you need, or need personal assistance in your investigation, we are here to assist you anytime any day. Click the button or leave a comment to contact us.


Can DTF printing work on all types of fabrics?

Yes, DTF printing is suitable for all types of fabrics including cotton, polyester, and blends, breaking the limitation of DTG and sublimation printing.

DTF printing, or Direct to Film printing, is a digital printing technique where designs are printed onto a specialized film and then transferred onto garments using heat press machine.

Yes, you can create special custom designs for DTF printing as long as they meet the required format.

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