DTG printing clothes

Why DTG Printing is Preferred for Custom T-shirts?

DTG printing on T-shirts is a widespread practice today. We frequently use it for numerous personalized garments. Due to its superior cost performance, it is able to satisfy the demands of large-area printing and does not require printing, which further reduces costs and does not have a minimum order requirement. As a result, we observe that numerous small manufacturers and businesses have recently embraced the digital direct spray printing technology.

Reasons to Choose DTG Printing

DTG printing clothes

1. It is also possible to place one order.

Ordering one component is unquestionably advantageous for small businesses and manufacturers. After all, the cost of customizing is far lower than the cost of screen printing and other printing procedures. Additionally, digital printing has a simpler printing procedure than a printer. Printing is quick and practical, and it is possible to realize one printing.

2. Large printing area on shirt

The handling of glue-printed printing patterns with vibrant colors may be poor, which interferes with the fabric’s naturally delicate hand. The digital DTG printing technique, on the other hand, does not have this issue because it has a good hand feel, the printing can be done down to the nanoscale level without affecting the air permeability of the material, and the printing color is also quite hard.

3. Three-dimensional printing effect

It may be claimed that the performance of the conventional printing technique in the past has been subverted by the pattern of digital DTG printing on T-shirts, which is quite three-dimensional.

The details that are being provided are richer and have strong presentation power. It is easier to use and more convenient compared to standard printing. Strong 3D effects and a much greater display of details than screen printing are also advantages. This is the reason why digital DTG printing has grown in popularity over the past several years. On dark T-shirts, however, the digital DTG printing method is not recommended. On white cotton t-shirts, which may perfectly match the specifications of no hand feel and no color variation, digital direct to garment printing typically has the best effect. White is the ideal color for T-shirts.

Many businesses decide to provide their staff personalized t-shirts to wear to work. Some businesses care more about the functionality of clothing than the patterns. However, the patterning in clothing can actually make employees’ daily tasks more enjoyable. The work image of employees will be taken into consideration by a good company. When creating custom t-shirts for work attire, you may print some intriguing words that will not only brighten the employees’ spirits but also give the garments a sense of design. This also represents the business image. Some businesses decide to print encouraging messages for their personnel. Clothing with a sense of design can not only draw attention, but also bring a little pleasure to employees’ busy days at work, enhance their perception of the organization.

DTG printing clothes

DTG Printing is Profitable

DTG printing clothes

How much money can you make with DTG is one of the most frequently question we get asked. Furthermore, “Is direct-to-garment printing profitable?” Yes, you can definitely make money with DTG, is the quick response.
Profit is simply defined as Your Costs less Your Selling Price. Your profit is $10.00 if you spend $3.00 to print a personalized t-shirt that you subsequently sell for $13.
Be aware that there will be some difference depending on aspects like your market, location, t-shirt design, and brand; we chose some simple numbers as examples for simplicity’s sake. 

The price of ink per shirt, for instance, will change based on the artwork you’re printing. A 16′′ by 20′′ graphic that is highly saturated and printed on a dark garment (which necessitates the addition of white ink) can cost upwards of $1.50, whereas printing a modest chest emblem on a light-colored t-shirt can cost as low as $0.25.

Similar to other items, the price of t-shirts varies according to the brand, quality, and design of the shirt. When bought in bulk, a t-shirt typically costs between $2.50 and $4.00 per shirt.

The good news is that direct-to-garment printing gives many chances for growing sales and creating a scalable home business, meaning you may start small by selling t-shirts to nearby businesses and schools, and eventually grow your operation into a full-time job.

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