Why DTG T-shirt Printing Machine Prints Unclear Image?

Why DTG Printer is so Popular

DTG T-shirts

We often see that the design of many T-shirts is very complex,  the color is good, and it is even also  three-dimensional, so it is likely made by the digital DTG T-shirt printing machine. This machine is a new printing process that uses the micro piezoelectric printing head of the inkjet printer to spray the special ink for textile on the surface of the fabric, and penetrate into the fiber interior and fix the color. It subverts the traditional printing process that has been handed down for thousands of years. Printing can be directly controlled by computer, which is convenient and fast, and can show more colors and more details.

A minimum order is definitely a great advantage for both machine suppliers and clients  who need to customize T-shirts in small quantities. Before that, screen printed T-shirts would cost a lot if they were customized in small quantities. In many cases, when only one or two T-shirts are needed, obviously many manufacturers are reluctant to customize. But since the digital DTG T-shirt printing machine was introduced, It has made a minimum order a truly achievable service, and the purchase cost for buyers has also been reduced a lot.

Some people may say that DTF printer can also do that, but the T-shirts will have an obvious sense of glue. You feel a little bit hard when touch them, so they will also be relatively airtight. However, digital DTG T-shirt printing machine won’t have this defect. The biggest advantage of dtg printer is comfortable touch. Because the ink particles of digital printing are extremely fine and can reach the nanometer level, it can easily penetrate into the fiber gaps of the fabric, which has both fastness and does not affect the softness and comfort of the fabric.

Possible Reasons to Explain Unclear Problems

DTG T-shirts

1、 Pictures with low definition

Take Photoshop for example. When you take out a picture in Photoshop, is it high-definition? The high-definition here means that when you zoom in 250 to 300 times, you can clearly see the edges of the picture. If you can’t, it means that your pattern is not high-definition enough, and the printing effect of the cylinder printer is also vague.

2、 The printer is not modulated to CMYK mode

Is the graph you printed in CMYK mode? The DTG T-shirt  printing machine can only recognize the CMYK color pattern. If you do not use the CMYK color pattern, the printed pattern will be blank, so it is important to choose the right pattern.

3、 The picture itself is unclear

The high definition of pictures has a lot to do with the source of pictures. Most of the general picture sources are found on the Internet, but many pictures on the Internet have low pixels and poor quality, which leads to the image printed by our digital t-shirt printing machine is not very clear, and the pictures found on the Internet can not be adjusted to high pixels through the ps software, so you must find a good picture on professional website. 


DTG shirt

The requirements for digital DTG T-shirt printing machine pictures are relatively high. First of all, the image is required to be the actual size. For example, to print the size of A4, the image size in PS should not be less than A4; Secondly, the resolution of the image shall be 300 dpi or above.

Generally, the online pictures can not meet this requirement. It is better to find them from the online picture library. You can buy several sets of material library for backup. So the quality and clarity of the picture determine its final presentation on the T-shirts.

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