Why is DTF PET Film Printing Machine becoming more and more popular now?

Many industry professionals who have been engaged in the printing market for many years are all shocked and delighted by the appearance of offset heat transfer digital. So people in the industry have come to consult, and now the market is booming. Below I will explain in three parts why the DTF PET Film Printing Machine under the Sublistar brand is becoming more and more popular.

First of all, the process flow is greatly simplified. Secondly, the problem of static electricity during printing has been solved for a long time. Finally, the 6-segment baking system truly realizes fast-beating, fast-release, and fast-collection.

1. The progress of the process

Traditional heat transfer requires printing the processed picture first and then laminating the film with a laminating machine. If you need a hollow-out pattern, you need to use an engraving machine to engrave. If the pattern is more complicated, laser engraving is required, and finally, the film is torn and pressed.

Sublistar’s DTF PET Film Printing Machine has a much simpler process. First, use PS to retouch the image. If it needs to be hollowed out, it will be directly processed into a hollowed-out pattern and covered with a white ink layer。 And then the hollowed-out pattern can be printed directly through the printing software, and then sent to The powder shaker performs dusting, shaking, heating, and drying, and what comes out is the finished product of heat transfer. The whole process is one-stop printing, and only one person can complete it.

DTF PET Film Printing Machine feels soft after pressing, and it is skin-friendly and comfortable to wear. Traditional heat transfer has a cold and hard texture and is not breathable. It looks hard to touch. The wearing comfort is not as good as the finished product printed by DTF PET Film Printing Machine.

Traditional heat transfer is not strong in adhesion, it will crack and fall off after washing several times, and it will have a sticky glue feeling. The offset heat transfer printed by Sublistar is resistant to stretching and washing, and its fastness to dry and wet rubbing can reach level 4. It will not crack and have an offset feeling after washing dozens of times.

One-click hollow printing design, no PS, no cutting plotter, engraving machine, simplifies the heat transfer process but also improves the quality of the heat transfer. It can print 8-12 squares in an hour, and about 200 T-shirts can be printed. It has aroused great attention from some clothing industry and colleagues.

This heat transfer printer is equipped with two 4720 nozzles, one white, and one color, and the white color is output at the same time. The printing accuracy is high, the color is beautiful, the reduction degree is high, and there is almost no color difference. The machine is equipped with an ink circuit automatic circulation system and an automatic cleaning system, which can effectively protect the print head and reduce the loss of the print head.

2. How to effectively solve the problem of static electricity

DTF PET Film Printing Machine is a combination of a heat transfer printer and a powder shaker. After the heat transfer printer is hollowed out, it is directly output to the powder shaker. After the powder is heated and dried, the exquisite heat transfer finished product can be output. These patterns can be cut and pressed directly on the garment.

But many customers are worried about a problem when they consult, that is, what should I do if there is static electricity during printing? Now I will talk about how to solve this problem.

First of all, we can install antistatic tape on the printer, use static remover, static remove and other products.

Again, check the main reasons for the static electricity generated by the printer: contact, friction, and separation between objects, too dry air. And other factors will generate static electricity. As far as the printing environment is concerned, under the same conditions, the lower the humidity, the drier the air, and the higher the electrostatic voltage, which will affect the normal operation of the printer.

Finally, keeping the indoor air moist is one of the most effective ways. In addition, cleaning and wiping the squeegee that feeds the paper with alcohol can also eliminate some static electricity.

For this reason, Sublistar’s DTF PET Film Printing Machine took this issue into consideration when designing it, so an electrostatic rod was designed to be installed in the rear unwinding system. The problem caused by static electricity is greatly reduced, so you can buy it with confidence.

3.6-stage baking system

Sublistar’s DTF PET Film Printing Machine is very popular, and the 6-stage baking is the most anticipated. After all, drying is also very important for digital printers to print products. Traditional silk-screen heat transfer, because there is no drying system, it has to be exposed after printing, so a lot of time will be wasted.

However, Sublistar’s DTF PET Film Printing Machine can realize fast printing and fast rewinding because it has a 6-stage baking system.

First of all, the printer has a front, middle and back three-stage drying. There are a special temperature control switch and a temperature display on the left side of the printer. The drying system is under the integrated mold platform that supports printing consumables, which is warm to the touch. . When printing, the pattern can be dried.

Secondly, the pattern printed by the printer is output to the shaker for pre-heating. Then, the machine automatically spreads and shakes the powder, and there will also be a heating system here to help the hot melt powder better adhere to the white ink layer.

Next, the hot melt powder of the pattern is heated by the conductive belt conveying to increase the washing fastness of the pattern. The entire time of passing the conductive belt is about 2-3 minutes. The conductive belt conveying will make the heating and baking more uniform. Finally, the heat transfer product that can be pressed and ironed is delivered by the drying and conveying of the guide belt, which can be directly used for pressing, or it can be rolled up for storage, and there will be no ink paste.

Above, do you have a better understanding of our DTF PET Film Printing Machine? Are you interested in our machines? Or do you want us to update some features?

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