DTF printing applications

Why Is DTF Printer Beneficial to Garment Business? Know the Reasons

DTF printer, breaking the limitations of DTG and sublimation printer, is a hot trend in the garment printing field. It is a cost-effective choice for those who want to enter garment printing industry and make money. Hence, this article will make a detailed introduction about how to grow garment business with DTF printer.

What DTF Printer is and How it Works

DTF printer, short as Direct to Film printer, is a type of printer that can print on film directly and then transfer the patterns to the prepared fabrics.The DTF printer usually has a powder shaker machine, which shakes hot melt powder to the surface of the DTF film. Under the high temperature effect of curing oven, the powder will melt as adhesive between DTF film and fabrics.

The specific working flow of DTF printer is as the following shows:

  1. Designing. In preparation period, you need to design the patterns on the computer firstly and save them in required format through RIP software.
  2. Printing. After preparing the designs, set the related parameters in the control screen and start printing.
  3. Powder shaking and oven curing. When the printer prints the patterns on the film, the powder shaking machine will spread the hot melt powder evenly to the surface of the DTF film. Afterwards, the curing oven will cure the powder to form special adhesive.
  4. Cutting the DTF film into pieces. All the patterns are in one roll of film. You need to cut them into single pieces to finish the transferring step.
  5. Heat pressing transferring. The final step is to use the heat press machine to transfer the patterns to the fabrics. Peel off the film after heat pressing and you will get a completed clothing.

Applications of DTF Printer

As is known to all, DTF printer is able to print on all types of fabrics, whether cotton, polyester, silk, canvas, leather or other fabrics. Typical applications are:

  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Jeans
  • Coats
  • Blouses
  • Dresses
  • Pants
  • Bags
  • And more

DTF printer is perfect for a wide range of applications. With it, you can grow your garment business in different industries, for instances, man&woman fashion clothing, children clothing, sport clothing, personalized customized industry and more other popular industries. The versatility of DTF printer allows you to change your business directions or expand your business scale flexibly.

DTF printing applications

Advantages of DTF Printer

The common advantages of DTF printer are: suitable for all fabrics, high production efficiency and low labor cost, optimal printing outputs and environmentally friendly.

Suitable for all fabrics. Unlike DTG or sublimation printer, which is limited to cotton and polyester-based fabrics, DTF printer enables to print on all kinds of fabrics, whether dark or light color. This advantage gives you a chance to try different business directions to find the best one.

High production efficiency and low labor cost. One of the excellent advantages of DTF printer is its high production efficiency. Thanks to the technology, DTF printer does not need make plates version like screen printing, which saves a lot of time and cost. DTF printer and powder shaker can print designs, shake powder and cure the prints automatically. Brands like SUBLISTAR even developed the MPM technology where one computer can control multiple DTF printers at the same time, which greatly improve production efficiency. One person managing more printers reduces the labor cost too.

Optimal printing outputs. DTF printer uses special DTF ink and film which both ensure high-quality and vibrant printing results. In particular, some DTF film of special visual effects like metallic gold film can bring more amazing printing performance, making your items stand out easily in the competitive market. DTF printing is of strong durability and rub resistance too. According to the test, a summer T-shirt can last for at least two years without fading and breaking.

Environmentally friendly. Environment protection is always a hot topic. To follow the trend, the DTF printer is definitely eco-friendly. It produces no waste water or smoke. As the DTF printers are equipped with purifier, it will absorb the smoke and process the smoke inside directly. This advantage is not only green but also good for human body health.

What You Need for DTF Printer Business

Before starting garment business with DTF printer, you must prepare the essential consumables including DTF printer and powder shaker, DTF film, DTF ink, DTF powder and heat press machine. All these consumables are necessary to start DTF printer business. But for heat press machine, you also can choose an iron too. Read this article for more details, What Do You Need for DTF Printing?

Choosing a Suitable DTF Printer is Vital

As discussed above, DTF printer enjoys many advantages and it is very convenient to operate. Why not grace the chance and take actions to start your own business with the DTF printer. Remember to choose a suitable printer, which will maintain good working condition in the long-term. When choosing which DTF printer is better, take the following factors into consideration: size, budget, consumables, equipment, training, after-sales service and machine maintenance.

Still cannot make a decision? Contact the experts from SUBLISTAR which focuses on digital printing industry for over 10 years.


What is the quality of DTF printing?

Unlike other laser and ink transfers, the printer leaves a lower quality product after the first two washes. The DTF printing method held up really well and left no cracks on the imprint.

DTF PET film printer is revolutionary new printing technology. Compared with DTG, screen printing, dye sublimation, or laser white toner transfer, it is cheaper and more readily available. DTF needs a printer, DTF special ink, DTF hot melt powder, and DTF transfer film.

Sublistar has 5 types of DTF hot melt powder to choose from, namely Soft DTF Powder, Rough DTF Powder, Anti-stretch DTF Powder, Anti-sublimation DTF powder, and Breathable DTF powder. These five kinds of hot melt powder are somewhat different in thickness, and we have some distinctions in application.

Suitable DTF films have exceptional ink receptivity and antistatic and anti-blocking properties. Our PET film is specially designed for DTF printers. Non-slip, no oil, no sticking, uniform coating, easy to peel. Read this article for more, How to Choose the Best DTF Film? The Ultimate Guide.

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