Why Should You Choose Our DTG Printer?

At present, DTG printers are very popular in the market and are highly sought after by merchants. If you happen to be a businessman who produces T-shirt apparel, you might as well take a look at our DTG printer. As long as you choose this machine, I believe you will sincerely admire the function of this machine.

When many customers choose to buy T-shirts, there are many products to choose from, but whoever has a stronger sense of design, or with more vivid colors and better quality, will attract more customers to buy.


Our DTG printer machine has great advantages in the three aspects of efficiency, quality, and productivity. Using our printers can provide you with a one-stop solution, reduce costs, and increase return on investment. Reduce the limitation of printing materials, we can print on any fabric.

Next, I will introduce the functions and advantages of our products one by one.

1.DTG printer can do full-color printing

Our digital machine has two functions, one is color accuracy and the other is white mask generator. These two functions can achieve the same color and white output, fine image quality, automatic color adjustment by computer, and the color reproduction degree is as high as 90% or more, and there is no need to perform complicated operations, just put the designed pattern in the computer for related settings, We can get a T-shirt with the same pattern.

Besides, easily create a white underlay to print on dark clothing without relying on photo editing software programs. White density configuration-adjust the amount of white ink and achieve different effects on the same print. You can choose the right concentration according to your preferences.

2.DTG printer can be flexibly produced

We strictly regulate the settings of the machine, which is conducive to the operation of the digital machine. The machine is very simple to use, even if the staff who has not been in contact before can operate it after explanation. If you happen to be a small-batch printed T-shirt manufacturer, completely can quickly respond to market trends.

We can adjust the production strategy at any time and never waste it. Print the most popular ones on T-shirts. Are you afraid that the products will not be sold out? To promote your brand and expand your business, I believe that more and more teams will seek cooperation with you. Therefore, the DTG printer machine is one of the most suitable machines for flexible printing.

3.Double white ink circulation system for DTG printer


The nozzle clogging of our digital DTG printer often occurs during the production process. Our machine adds a double white ink bottle circulation system. This function can automatically clean the nozzles regularly, effectively reducing the number of nozzle clogging, and saving time for our production and processing.

Our equipment will remind you before the ink is almost used up, don’t forget to add ink. It is convenient for you to deal with subsequent production work more quickly and effectively, and more worry-free.


4.Comfortable printed t-shirt with DTG printer

Because our DTG printer is formed by spraying ink directly on clothing, it is breathable and comfortable to wear and is the best choice for personal wear. If your client just needs fashionable T-shirts and wants their clothes to be soft and comfortable no matter how they are worn, then our DTG printer is your best choice.

For some customers who like to collect fashionable T-shirts, they need reliable quality and long-term preservation of T-shirts, so they will appreciate our products very much. The T-shirts produced by this machine are rich in details and full of colors. Whether your production method is short-term production or long-term production of high-quality T-shirt printing, the DTG printer is the king of cost-effective options.

5.DTG printer can save time and cost

Our DTG printer only takes five minutes to turn on, and it has a more advanced white ink circulation system. If you are concerned about DTG printers of other brands, you will know that we have saved a lot of time for you. Besides, other machines will wash off nearly 23$ of ink during the start-up process. This means that using our DTG printer, we can produce more T-shirts at the same time, which improves production efficiency. With automatic alarm device, high stability.

Besides, there is a function named, Cost calculator-Preview the ink cost before printing. You can know the cost clearly and make a feasible plan when doing promotions. Using our DTG printer, there is no need for a screen or other imaging settings, which saves other equipment operation time, reduces setup costs, print technology is more advanced, and we can see cost savings. For now, the DTG printer is one of the fastest printing methods.

6.Environmentally friendly of  DTG printer

Nowadays, both the government and we have a strong awareness of environmental protection. We all hope that our daily wear can ensure our health. We use environmentally friendly textile coating ink, which is safe and environmentally friendly, no odor, waterproof, and sunscreen, wear-resistant, and does not fade. You can use it with confidence.

If you want to be responsible to your customers during the production process and to establish a good corporate image in society, why not choose our DTG printer machine, which will help you achieve perfect printing and unintentionally promote your own business philosophy.


You can see the application on the t-shirts, it is very convenient to directly output and print the pictures through the computer. It is suitable for personalized class clothes and popular in universities and companies, etc. Set up a small factory to process white ink direct-injection processing printing, design company pattern making, etc. No plate making, one-key printing, very convenient, and fast.

In summary, I believe you already have a general understanding of our DTG printer. It is suitable for terminals and distribution. After-sales is worry-free. If there is a problem with the machine, you can directly replace the components like Epson, without the customer’s maintenance, just replace it directly Of course, we must find our market positioning and choose the most suitable production equipment so that we can make better products. If you are interested in our machine, you can contact us, hope we can help you.

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