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Why Dye-Sub Printers Can be Called Good?

Why Dye Sub Printers haven’t been widely used?
To begin with, the price of sublimation printer is actually higher than the normal inkjet printers. Comparable with inkjet printers, the price of sublimatio printer is twice that of normal printers. If you prefer to purchase the professional type, the gap between them might be even larger.
The trump card of dye-sub printers is high resolution full color images. But it doesn’t suitable to text printing nor inkjet printers, because it will take long time to printer no matter what you print is a multicolor photo or a text paper and it takes same time to print every pixel thermally. The printing time of inkjet printers is quite short for the reason that it only print the areas that are required to be printed instead of all the areas, which is about several seconds. That’s the main reason why the dye-sub printers can’t take place of traditional printers.
What’s more, dye sublimation printer also has the limitations of printing materials except papers and films. But normal inkjet printers don’t have so many restrictions and it can print on many materials includes cotton, paper and boards.

Why Sublimation Printing Can be Called Good?

sublimation jackets

Sometimes the color finally takes on your clothes is not the original color of ink, and whay you finally get is the color that goes through the process of mixing. You might find that it’s quite different from other traditional printing ways. If you watch the traitional printing patterns carefully, you will find that the patterns which is mede up of thousands of dots. The edge of those dots is graint if you look at them as close as you can. Sublimation printer won’t have this problem, because it can print the resolution of 1200 dpi pattern.
Generally speaking, the patterns of traditional printing usually take on small dots whose brim of pixel would be blurred, while sublimation printing can avoid this problem. Sublimation printing is well-known for its high resolution. It uses heat transfer to transport pigments rom the paper to the fabric, among which the pigments are bound tightly to the texture. What’s taken on the paper is more natural than other ways and you don’t need to worry about fade and cracking.
The longevity is the thing people care the most when it comes to photos, and long longevity can be called the biggest merit of sublimation prining. Dye sublimation prints can keep the colorfast of fabric without the problem of fading. If you use the special paper, the pattern will last even longer than normal sublimation printing.

Sublimation Transfer Printing is Eco-friendly
To begin with, the ink of sublimation printer is eco-friendly. The previous pigment-based inks are hazardous to humans, while the dye sublimation ink is more environmental friendly to normal pigments. And the biggest selling point of sublimation ink is to print more colorful patterns on the fabric, because the process of heat transfer makes sure that the ink is tightly penetrated into the texture. Generally speaking, the general sublimation printers use CMYK for print.
What’s more, sublimation printing won’t produce waste water. Taking screen printing as an example, the process of screen printing will cost many waters. If you have done the screen printing business, you will definitely not be strange to effluent treatment, which is about tons of water to be processed. Sublimation printing can help you avoid this problem, and during its working process no water usage will be produced. The ink is transferred onto the fabric instead of printing level by level as screen printing, which will not contaminate the environment and produce too much carbon dioxide. With the rapid development of economy, the government are more realize that the environment protection is vital to our generations and levy higher tax on texture enterprises with high pollution is another way to show its social responsibilities.

Finally, sublimation won’t create too much smoke when the heat transfer machine is working. There is no risk in sublimation printing procedure. As I mentioned above, it won’t create too much fumes in its working process except its warm pressing time, because the sublimation ink will be vapored in the air when the patterns are pressed onto the fabric. Although some fumes are created, the workers still don’t need to wear masks in a room with good ventilation. Taking the inhalation of dust , chemicals and direct to skin contact into consideration, it’s still in a safe range.



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