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Why Do You Need UV DTF Printer? 5 Advantages

UV DTF printer, developing from UV printer, is fond of by more and more business men in the digital printing market. It can print on almost all the substrates, whether flat surface or uneven surface.

Therefore, why does UV DTF printer become increasingly popular in the market? The 5 advantages of UV DTF printer are:

UV DTF Printer Saves Time And Energy

It takes a lot of time and effort to print logos or patterns on a variety of durable materials before UV DTF printer is fully developed because you must fix the items on the right location and prevent it from moving in the printing process.

Besides, more care should be taken when transporting glass products in particular because glass products are easy to break. However, with the help of UV DTF printer, you totally do not worry about that as UV DTF printer print stickers instead of printing on substrates directly.

The specific printing process is:

Step 1: Print the patterns on the A film

Step 2: Laminate the film B on the film A

Step 3: Cut off the pattern and paste it onto the surface

Step 4: Peel off the film

UV DTF Printer Costs Less Money

Prior to the use of this modern technology, the transport of printed items back and forth was a time-consuming process and will cause an unavoidable high cost. However, using a UV DTF  printer to maximize the benefits of emerging modern technologies will cost less due to that you only need to order the UV DTF stickers directly instead of shipping the products to manufacturers to print. Reduced total manufacturing costs are beneficial to increasing the enterprise’s overall revenue as well as providing sufficient funds for the company’s long-term stable growth.

The above situation applies to those who do not have UV DTF printers and do not plan to order one.

If you are going to purchase an UV DTF printer, you also do not need to worry about the cost. Firstly, UV DTF printer is intelligent and automatic. Thanks to this, only one person is enough to operate it and finish the transfer process, saving labor cost. Secondly, UV DTF printer does not occupy too much space, saving space cost too.

UV DTF Printer Has A Wide Range of Applications

From the aspect of printing material, UV DTF printer is able to print on almost all the materials, like metal, glass, wood, plastic, ceramic, stainless steel, leather, crystal, acrylic and etc.

While from the aspect of industries, UV DTF printer is mainly applied in the following industries:

  1. Home decoration. UV DTF stickers can last for a long time, which is very suitable for home ceramic tile, glass decoration products. Besides, you can design special patterns and print them by UV DTF printer to make unique home decoration items.
  2. Digital products. UV DTF printer is ideal for producing phone cases. You can print all the designed patterns on one roll of film and then cut off the patterns separately. After wards, paste the stickers to phone cases. It is also convenient to use UV DTF printer to print logos or patterns for computer, ipad and mouse.
  3. Daily products. Some common used products like pens, key chains, bottles, gift bags can be produced by UV DTF printer too.
  4. Personalized customization products. Before printing, you need to design patterns on the computer firstly. For this reason, you can design or upload personalized customization patterns and then print them by UV DTF printer.

UV DTF Printer Is Eco-friendly And Prints Are Durable

The UV ink used in the UV DTF printing does not contain volatile solvent, hence, it will not damage the printing substrates and pollute the environment, which is eco-friendly. More important, UV ink has special structure, making the printed patterns resistant to fading, stretching, and water proof. Thanks to this technology, prints of UV DTF printing can last for a long time.

UV DTF Printer Can Meet Luxurious Customization Needs

As more and more people choose UV DTF printers, the manufacturers spend a lot of effort exploring new breakthrough in UV DTF printing technology. Due to their effort, UV DTF printer now can support metallic golden/ silver foil stamping. That’s to say, it can print golden or silver UV DTF stickers.

The foil embossing effect brings luxurious visual effect to the items, ideal for use in business cards, packaging bags, gift bags and other high-end products.


The five features mentioned above are the key advantages of UV DTF printers now. But, with the development of technology, UV DTF printer will enjoy more new advantages and advanced techniques in the future. You can subscribe SUBLISTAR, which focuses on digital printing over ten years to get the latest information of UV DTF printing and other printing methods.


Is UV DTF printer able to print on all types of materials?

Except fabrics, UV DTF printer can print on almost all the materials.

No. UV DTF stickers are of strong durability and resistant to fading and falling off.

UV DTF printing and DTF printing are different from consumable (supplier), working process, application and ink type. Read this article Differences Between DTF Printing and UV DTF Printing, Which One to Choose? to learn more

No, for UV DTF printing, UV DTF stickers can stick to substrates directly and then peel off, no need to heat press first.

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