With DTF Printing, Would You Still Choose Traditional Heat Transfer?

Compared with traditional heat transfer, why is digital DTF printing suddenly so popular?

1. The difference in investment machines

Sublistar DTF printing, only need to invest in a set of inkjet printer and powder shake machine, the investment is basically in place at one time, the area is less than the size of a parking space, and it is a one-stop hollow printing and automatic powder shake, and it is the finished heat transfer. ,high efficiency.

In traditional heat transfer, in addition to the heat transfer printer, you have to buy a laminating machine and an engraving machine. For complex patterns, you have to buy a good laser engraving machine. The scattered operations between the machines require the cooperation of many people, the process is complicated, and the efficiency is slow. Moreover, the investment of laminating machine, carving machine, and laser engraving machine is large, and the actual utilization rate is unknown.


2.The difference in craftsmanship

Our DTF printing and powder shaking all-in-one machine is particularly simple in process and craftsmanship. You only need to enter the pattern you want to print, whether it is complex or simple. Through the analysis of the printing software, you can print the hollow in one click. The pattern is simple and easy to learn quickly. And it supports personalized customization, adding patterns at any time, and simple operation.

Traditional heat transfer is much more complicated in process. Simple patterns are okay. Complex patterns need to be cut out through PS and other retouching software, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. After printing, a laminating machine is required for laminating. Engraving, the process is complicated.

3.The difference between pattern feel and washability

DTF printing, soft touch after pressing, skin-friendly and comfortable to wear, resistance to stretching, washing resistance, dry and wet wiping fastness up to 4, wash dozens of times without cracking and DTF printing.

Traditional heat transfer, the texture is cold and hard, not breathable, it looks hard to touch, and the adhesion is not strong, it will crack and fall after washing several times, and it will have a sticky glue feeling.


4.The difference in health and environmental protection

DTF printing, water-based environmentally friendly ink printing, no waste and pollution during the printing process, the hot melt powder used is also healthy and environmentally friendly.

Traditional heat transfer requires film coating, a lot of waste material, glue paste, and ordinary materials.

5.The requirements for patterns are different

DTF printing, through software analysis, automatic pattern hollowing processing, no matter how small or complicated the pattern is, it can be printed, and there is no special requirement on the color, and it can be printed at will.

In traditional heat transfer, some very complicated and small patterns are difficult to complete with an engraving machine, and there will be a choice in color.

6.The difference between personnel and venues

DTF printing, from printing to finished heat transfer, one person is enough, 2 people can cooperate with multiple machines, one set of machines occupies less than one parking space

In traditional heat transfer, the operations of each machine are scattered. From drawing-printing-laminating-cutting-lettering, at least two or three people are required to complete a complete set of processes, and it occupies a lot of space.


There are many T-shirt heat transfer technology in the market, such as direct to film (DTF) printing, screen printing, direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, etc. However, there is no accurate answer to which technology is better. Every craft has its own value and the suitable one is the best.

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