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UV printer is a high-tech, plate-free, and full-color digital printing machine. It is not limited by any material and can make color photos on glass, sheets, crystal, PVC, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, leather, and so on.

The emergence of UV printing technology has set off a new round of the green inkjet printing revolution.

Subway and outdoor advertisements related to fashion and daily life are aimed at people of younger age, higher education, and medium-income, whose main occupations are company employees, students (mainly college students), and managers. Since the main audiences of those advertisements tend to be young and highly educated, they pay attention to fashion-related goods (services) and entertainment information. High-definition ultra-large UV picture, with the LED light source and vivid color, gives the audience a strong visual impact.


uv printing


Home Decoration

The market share of domestic home decoration has reached tens of billions, and personalized home decoration is becoming more popular. The domestic home decoration market share reaches tens of billions, and personalized home decoration is also quietly popular. Users can print their favorite images on decorative paintings, tiles, furniture, and floors according to their favorite home styles, decorate their homes with their favorite styles and create their own personalized space.

A major feature of UV printing is plate-free full-color digital printing. Whether it is one-piece or large-scale production, the cost of each product is the same, realizing low-cost small-batch production and helping small-batch manufacturers to obtain more business opportunities.

Clothing and backpacks

Photos, pictures, and anime images can be added to clothes with one click.

It is very difficult to use more than 10 sets of colors in the traditional printing process. UV flatbed printing is rich in colors. Whether it is a full-color pattern or gradient color printing, it is easy to achieve the effect of photo-level printing. It greatly enriches the design content of the product and improves the product quality. The UV printing pattern is fine, the layers rich and clear. It can print patterns in photography and painting styles.


The traditional surface decoration method of craft gifts (take wooden craft gifts as an example) is to use oil-based paints for drawing operators. Freehand drawing not only has very high technical requirements for the operator but also has a very low production efficiency, which cannot meet the market demand. Modern industrial technologies such as thermal transfer printing and water transfer printing have replaced manual freehand drawing. Although great progress has been made, there are still many problems to be solved. Those processes are cumbersome, time-consuming, high cost, and low efficiency. Now, the emergence of UV printing technology has broken the deadlock and has obvious advantages.

UV printing

A considerable part of the users of the popular mobile phone and digital product market is young and fashionable groups, and printing their own logo on these products is the best reflection of individuality. Some carry-on items, such as vanity mirrors, lighters, wallets, backpacks, etc., are also a good way for these users to express their personalities.

UV printing

Phone case


All kinds of metal membership cards, attendance cards, badges, listings, authorization cards, etc. are printed in full color, which is difficult to achieve with the previous printing technology.

UV printing for accessories

Environmentally friendly   No water, no sewage.   The UV flatbed printer is controlled by a computer, inkjet on demand. There is neither waste nor wastewater pollution, and no noise is generated during the printing process. A pollution-free green production process is realized.

UV printing technology is not limited to any material. It can achieve high-quality printing effects on paper, silk, wood, metal, and other materials, breaking through the traditional printing technology. And UV printing is a high-precision printing method with precise positioning, without the shortcomings of the traditional screen printing process, and achieves a high level of high efficiency and zero waste. In the past, it took several days or even dozens of days for a product from design and proofing to delivery. The finished product can be obtained in 1-2 hours by applying UV printing technology, and the production batch is not limited, which truly realizes small-batch, multi-variety, and high-efficiency production.

Nowadays, DIY-designed gifts, furniture, home decorations, background walls, clothing, etc. fill people’s lives. Customized printing not only meets the market demand for creative products but also meets the requirements of mass production of enterprises. Artistic, more creative, clear, and realistic products with rich colors and patterns make enterprises more competitive.

UV printers can help people quickly realize the process from ideas to real objects, which is the trend of fashion development and the new trend in the market.

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