DTF-600 系列 Ultra II DTF 打印机和振动器

With stable performance and perfect function, DTF Printer Ultra II is designed with unique appearances including blaze, edge, and cube, helping to catch help you capture the customer’s psyche in the first place.

  • Print Head: 2/3/4 Epson I3200 print heads.
  • Print Size: 24″(600mm) Print Width.
  • Print Speed: 3.5-22m2/H
  • Ink Type:  CMYK+W/CMYK+Fluorescent Colors+W/CMYK+CMYK+W


  • Trolley base plate heating, effectively heating the ink into the printhead, to avoid the adverse effects of low-temperature printing.
  • Automatic moisturizing function, in the case of the machine does not run for a long time, effectively moisturizes the printhead to prevent clogging.
  • Power leakage protection, to avoid sudden power failure to burn the printhead, is conducive to the stability of the machine printing.
  • Powder spreading box upgrade, can fully stir the hot melt powder, break large particles, not stick in the powder box.
  • The shake powder tank was upgraded, solving the problem of easy to roll the edge of both sides of the film, a good printing effect.
保修单: 24个月(不包括墨水系统、打印头和墨水盖)
国际运输: DHL、FedEx、空运、海运


Innovative Design, Durable And Stable

Nozzle Moisturizing System

Nozzle Moisturizing System

The nozzle moisturizing system allows the nozzle to be automatically replenished with pure water when the machine is not running for a long period of time to achieve a moisturizing effect and prevent the nozzle from clogging.

Low Temperature Protection System

Low Temperature Protection System

It can replenish the heat consumption of ink during transportation, maintain fluidity, and avoid cooling deposits that can clog printheads.

Professional Oven Treatment Technology

Professional Oven Treatment Technology

It can effectively handle all the work of hot melt powder entering the powder spreading box, shaking tank, and oven, allowing the hot melt powder to maximize its effectiveness and achieve good output effect.

专业功能 - Sublistar DTF 打印机

Trolley Anti-Collision

To avoid encountering unexpected conditions during the printing process, the trolley anti-collision function can effectively avoid direct damage to the printhead and has a certain protective effect on the printhead.

Paper Feed And Take-Up System Update

From the original single paper feeding and receiving updated to a combination of paper stick and clamp stick, can meet the diversified production needs, both mass production, can also be a single customized production, more flexible, and more adaptable to the changing market demand.

Upgrade of The Powder Box

Upgrade of The Powder Box

The original conical powder box is easy to stick and adhere to, the upgraded powder box is a back-and-forth stirring iron sheet, which can fully stir the hot melt powder, break the large particles, not stick and adhere, and can achieve uniform powder spreading.

Power-Off Protection

The power outage protection function can effectively protect the power board of the DTF printer, avoid sudden power outage damage to the circuit, and help extend the machine’s service life.

Power-Off Protection
Gravity Sensor

Gravity Sensor

There is a gravity sensing function for the scattered hot melt powder, and it can be recognized when it reaches a certain weight and can be fully and evenly shaken, so that the printed PET film can be fully and evenly coated with the hot melt powder when it enters the oven.


DTF-600series Ultra II DTF Printer & Shaker can be equipped with 2/3/4 Epson I3200 printheads. The printheads have high printing accuracy, high jet frequency, and with the machine’s unique printhead compensation function, it can ensure high color saturation, guaranteed printing speed, high printing accuracy, and moderate price.

解决300 npi/1 行 600 npi/2 行

Product Specifications - 60Series Ultra II DTF Printer

600series Ultra II DTF PET Film Inkjet Printer
项目型号DTF-6002 Ultra IIDTF-6003 Ultra IIDTF-6004 Ultra II
打印头Using Epson print head, including 400 nozzles/row*8*lines, high quality up to 1800dpi
打印分辨率/速度4遍:12平方米/小时4pass: 22m2 /hour
6遍:8平方米/小时6pass: 16m2 /hour
8遍:6平方米/小时8pass: 12m2 /hour
墨水类型Pigment Ink(C,M,Y,BK+W)Pigment Ink(C,M,Y,BK+Fluorescent Colors+W)Pigment Ink(C,M,Y,BK+W)
容量5  Colors: 1.5L*5/color9  Colors: 1.5L*9/color5  Colors: 1.5L*5/color
类型PP Synthetic Paper, Vinyl Sheet, Film, Coated Paper, Canvas , Adhesive Vinyl Sheet, Banner and so on.
图像处理软件Maintop6.1, Photoprint, Print Factory
操作环境温度:20℃- 35℃,湿度:35%RH-65%RH
方面1766*750*1513mm (L*W*H)1766*750*1513mm (L*W*H)
Height of Worktable1062毫米1062毫米
包装尺寸1880*1060*740mm (L*W*H)1880*1060*740mm (L*W*H)
DTF 粉末振动筛干燥机(S9)
Max Width600毫米
烤箱温度0-400°C (be adjustbale)
摇床尺寸:1950mm L x 1220mm W (with Air Filter) x 1140mm H


Make Design

Design of spot color channels using matching design software.

Print Design

The design will be RIP color + white using RIP software.

Cure Design

Using the intelligent touch panel, it can do automatic printing, dusting, shaking, drying and finally automatic winding.


The printed roll-forming film will be cut in time, press-ironed on all kinds of clothes, transferred to various colors of garments, and the pet film will be removed, which is the printed garments.

DTF-600series Ultra II WorKing Process

DTF 应用

DTF printers can customize all kinds of clothing, unlimited colors, and unlimited fabrics, suitable for many types of groups for batch customization or personalization. For example, a couple of clothing, school bags, fresh canvas shoes, and so on. Support customization with pictures or store design options, good printing effect, washable, stretchable, comfortable, and soft.

printing school bags

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在线购买 SUBLISTAR DTF 打印机,免费获得优质 DTF 打印入门套件耗材。
DTF 入门套件包括:

  • 薄膜:0.6m*100m/0.3m*100m卷尺寸
  • DTF 粉末:2 千克(4.4 磅)
  • DTF墨水:1000ml*5(c、m、y、k+w)
  • 翻录软件:Flexi Print/Maintop
  • Sublistar DTF 环境设置
  • Sublistar DTF 教学视频
dtf 套件


问:  什么是 DTF 打印机以及如何使用它?
A: DTF PET薄膜打印机是革命性的新型打印技术。与 DTG、丝网印刷、热升华或激光白色墨粉转印相比,它更便宜且更容易获得。 DTF需要打印机、DTF专用墨水、DTF热熔粉、DTF转印膜。

问:  如何打印 DTF(直接打印到胶片)——分步过程?
A:  在薄膜上打印→撒粉→熔化粉末→预压织物→热转印→冷剥离/热剥离→后压。

问:  如何正确选择DTF热熔胶粉?
A:  Sublistar有5种类型的DTF热熔粉可供选择,分别是软质DTF粉、粗质DTF粉、抗拉伸DTF粉、抗升华DTF粉和透气性DTF粉。这五种热熔粉的粗细有些不同,我们在应用中也有一些区别。

问: 如何选择合适的DTF PET薄膜?
A:  合适的 DTF 薄膜具有出色的吸墨性以及抗静电和防粘连性能。我们的 PET 薄膜专为 DTF 打印机而设计。防滑、无油、不粘、涂层均匀、易剥离。

问:  如何正确维护DTF打印机喷头?
A:  喷嘴是DTF打印机最重要的精密部件。它的正常使用决定了打印质量和机器的使用寿命。因此,正确合理地维护打印头是日常操作中不可忽视的重要一环。

问:  长时间休息或休假时如何维护 DTF 打印机?​
A: 如果长时间休息或去度假,只需添加足够的墨水,开启自动清洁功能,并设定时间,可持续使用1个月。此功能可以定期清洁打印头,防止喷嘴堵塞。

DTF Consumables & Extensions

Sublistar company provides a wealth of DTF peripheral products to help you expand your printing business infinitely. DTF Accessories include DTF Vinyl Cutters, Heat Presses, Rip Software, DTF Inks, Powders and PET Films.
vinyl cutter icon

DTF 乙烯基切割机

360 heat press icon

DTF 360° Heat Press

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CADLink Rip Software

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DTF-600series STAR IV系列是一款先进的24英寸DTF打印机和振动器,性能卓越,输出稳定,维护成本最低。
Hi-One DTF墨水具有高品质和有竞争力的价格,可实现长达2-3年的户外耐久性。
DTF-mini 600 Ultra采用了Sublistar DTF Ultra系列的最新技术,并配置了迷你60cm(24英寸)摇床。
L1800 DTF 打印机可为 DIY 打印 T 恤、连帽衫、织物提供卓越的打印质量和鲜艳的色彩。

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