DTG DTX-I 直接服装打印机


Single station printer for small daily cotton printing order volume. Performs well on cotton type fabrics and is a novice friendly garment printer that is easy to operate.

  • Print Head: 2 Epson I3200 print heads.
  • Print Size: 371*421mm Print Width.
  • Ink Type: C,M,Y,K+W.


  • Color accuracy, what you see on the screen is what you get on the print.
  • White mask generator, easily create the white under-base to print on dark garments without depending on photo editing software programs.
  • Cost calculator, preview the ink cost before printing.
  • Archive print jobs, and review settings and costs, anytime.
  • White density configuration, adjust the quantity of white ink and achieve different effects on the same print.
保修单: 24个月(不包括墨水系统、打印头和墨水盖)
国际运输: DHL、FedEx、空运、海运


Automated Maintenance, Cost Saving

DTG DTX-I generation printers can be automatically cleaned on demand in standby mode with regular cycles, which can reduce ink consumption and decrease the probability of printhead clogging, fully realizing the goal of economical and high-quality printing.
Whether it is dark-colored garments or light-colored garments, it blends with the garments in a natural and vivid way.

Cost Controlled

Cost Controlled

Cost can be previewed and archived for viewing at any time, which facilitates cost control and optimal efficiency.

Platform Lifting

Platform Lifting

Convenient to increase the platform lifting stroke, you can better adjust the printing range, making the output quality better.

Super Fast Boot

Super Fast Boot

Fast boot in 5 minutes, get to work quickly, and reduce waiting time—all with the goal of saving money for your company.

Professional Features - Sublistar DTG Printer

Ink Stack Cleaning Unit

Ink Stack Cleaning Unit

The machine supports setting on-demand cleaning, saving ink, and can ensure that epson printheads are in good condition. Compared to Brother, which cleans the printheads as soon as the machine is turned on, Sublistar has more cost advantages.

Clear Operator Platform System

The operating platform system is fully functional, making it easy for novices to understand, and even easier for experienced technicians, helping customers to realize fast and accurate printing.

Clear Operator Platform System
White Ink Stirring And Circulation System

White Ink Stirring And Circulation System

White ink is easy to precipitate and clogged, in the machine operation and non-working state, it needs to be automatically stirred at regular intervals to prevent the white ink from precipitating and clogging the printhead. The circulating stirring system can effectively ensure the fluidity of the ink.

Platform Lifting System

The height can be detected automatically, and it is convenient to increase the platform lifting stroke, so that the printing range can be adjusted more accurately, which is convenient to operate and easy to print.

Platform Lifting System


Ensures stable ink supply, and smooth ink operation, and reduces the frequency of clogging. It guarantees smooth and stable operation.

Epson I3200-E1 Print Head

The DTG printer DTX-I uses the Epson I3200 print head. The Epson I3200 printhead has 3200 nozzles and a resolution of 600 dpi. Direct printing on cotton fabrics produces vibrant colors and excellent print results that are true to the design.

最大分辨率i3200 E1
跌落体积12.3 PL
解决300npi/1行 600npi/2行

Product Specifications - DTG Printer DTX-I Printing Cotton Fabrics

Number of Nozzles2个
Printing Accuracy960*2400dpi
Printing Method白颜色
Equipment Weight220公斤
Printing Thickness0-6毫米
Printing Size371*421毫米
Printing Software绘图仪7
Graphic FormatTiff、Jpg、Eps、Pdf、Png、AI、Psd
Voltage Power SupplyAC220/110 ±10,50HZ-60HZ
DTG Printing Process

1. Pre-Processing: Pre-treatment that is, use the pretreatment solution evenly sprayed with a direct spray printing surface, and then use a heat press to iron the clothes dry.

2. Design Image: Pay attention to the distinction between dark and light-colored garments, to ensure that the color output is bright and true to the original.

3. Direct Spray Printing: start the print command on the computer side, you can print the design directly on the cotton fabric.

4. Fixed Color Pressing: After the end of printing, use the heat press to press and fix the color promptly, and the color fixing can ensure that the design is closely combined with the fabric and does not fade.

DTG Applications

If you want your cotton fabrics to have a perfect printing effect, DTG printer DTX-I can well meet your direct printing needs, can print cotton black or light color T-shirt, and other cotton fabrics, can support small amount of personalized customization and large quantities of customization, such as graduation season class uniforms, performances of the group uniforms, family parent-child suits and so on.


问: What are the advantages and disadvantages of DTG printing?
A: The advantages of DTG printing are that the finished product is colorful, comfortable, and breathable, while the disadvantages are that it is overly restrictive on fabrics and is more costly.

问: What Is Pretreatment for DTG Printer?
A: In short, the main purpose of the pretreatment is to provide opacity, while the adhesive in the pretreatment solution is to help adhesion and wash fastness.

问: How to Maintain DTG Printer in Daily Operation?
A: After using the machine for a while, you may have a problem at one point. How to maintain it, you can see the specific solution in the link in detail.

问: What Is The Difference Between Sublistar And Brother’s DTG Printers?
A: The Sublistar brand of DTG printers is specially developed and manufactured in accordance with the functional features of the Brother brand, with full functionality and automatically timed on-demand cleaning, which helps to conserve DTG ink for higher-value output.

问: Is The DTG Printer Newbie Friendly?
A: DTG printers are easy to operate with few process steps and can be mastered after about 2 weeks of training time.




DTG 入门套件

入门套件包括 DTG 颜料墨水、T 恤样品和用户指南。





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