瓷砖上的 UV 打印

瓷砖上的 UV 打印

Inkjet technology can not only draw any pattern on the flat surface of tiles, but also draw any pattern on concave-convex and uneven surfaces, making the colors and expressions of tiles instantly rich. With the popularity of UV printing on tiles, wood-grain tiles, imitation stone tiles, and other products can be made more and more realistic, and thus become the new favorites on the market. 
In short, UV printing technology can print any pattern on tiles-landscape photos, world-famous paintings, family portraits, wedding photos and everything you can imagine. Putting tiles with these patterns in a picture frame is a famous painting that is not corroded or faded, and is unique; printing these patterns on large-sized tiles, as a background wall, it also has infinite stylepersonality.

艺术瓷砖 UV 打印

After a long period of modernization, the artistry of tiles has been greatly reduced. On the contrary, it has been largely simplified to practicality and functionality. For example: it becomes a floor tile for paving the ground and a wall covering the bathroom. The rise of artistic tiles is related to the change in people’s consumption habits. Tiles are no longer limited to practicality, breaking the conventional use of tiles. Their designs are full of charm and are a new interpretation of tile art, becoming part of home decoration.
Artistic tiles with exquisite patterns, bold colors and outstanding shapes are naturally prepared for discerning people. Therefore, the use of the latest UV printing technology has become an important means to solve the huge demand for artistic tiles in the current market. With SUBLISTAR UV-6090F STAR V flatbed UV printer, any favorite artwork can be printed on ordinary tiles of different materials that we see in daily life, making each regular tile a piece of art. The pattern of artistic tiles can come from famous oil paintings, Chinese paintings, calligraphy, photography works or any artistic patterns created by them. It is widely used and suitable for a variety of spaces and decoration styles.

瓷砖 UV 打印

家居装饰用陶瓷 UV 打印