Find your local agent and learn about our equipment for textile and uv printing. Our agents are authorized to sell and install our machines, and to train and help you get the most out of your machinery. If we do not have an agency in your country, please send us your questions directly using the “Contact Us” button below.

Sublistar DTF Machine Agent

Sublistar Argentina

Address: 1429, C.A.B.A (Buenos Aires), Argentina

Sublistar Egypt

Address: Tower No.6, Bavaria Town, Ring Road, Maadi Cairo, Egypt

Sublistar Dubai

Address:Mohd. Hadi Bri Bldg, Sallahdin St, Deira. P.O.Box: 5378 Dubai

Sublistar Greece

Address: 124A, Monastirioy Str, 54627 Thessaloniki, Greece

Sublistar Norway

Address: Kristoffer Robinsv. 130978 Oslo, Norway

Sublistar Romania

Address: Calea Vitan nr. 238, sector 3031301 București

Address: Ľ.Štúra 1258/58, 990 01 Veľký Krtíš, Slovak Republic


Sublistar USA

Address: 5600 Congress Ave, Boca Raton, FL, USA

Sublistar Australia



Sublistar Colombia

Address: sur #16-30. Bogota, Colombia

Sublistar France

Address: 141 Av. d’Echenilly, 10120 Saint-André-les-Vergers France

Sublistar Germany

Address: Im Stühlinger 1077833 Ottersweier, Germany

Sublistar Gabon

Address: BP 26352 Libreville Gabon

Sublistar Kiribati

Address: Opposite Areba Omeka Takoronga Betio Tarawa Kautoa Tonganibeia

Sublistar Puerto Rico

Address: Urb. Estancias del Parra calle Green N-4, Lajas PR 00667

Sublistar South Africa

Address: Nugget Street, Johannesburg, South Africa

Sublistar U.K.

Address: Platinum Road Trafford Park M41 7LJ, UK

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