Industrial DTF Powder Shaker Machine S10 Dual

Industrial DTF Powder Shaker Machine S10 Dual is adapted to Sublistar DTF 1200 Star series printers, with dual ovens, high-speed printing, high-precision output, and batch production of personalized garments, which is the first choice for large-scale garment production enterprises.

Technical Highlights:

  • Operation Mode: Industrial 7-inch PLC Touch Panel
  • Max Working Width: 1200mm
  • Oven Length: 1620mm
  • Oven Temp: Adjustable

Top Features

  • Double oven and double purification, double drying efficiency, and double purification effect.
  • Powder box preheating and white smooth coating to ensure smoother entry of hot melt powder and effectively prevent powder accumulation.
  • Constant temperature curing oven protects the machine, reduces power consumption, and machine life more durable.
  • One key to open the bin, convenient to open the bin door, easy to maintain.
  • Built-in permanent purifier, no need to replace, less maintenance.
Warranty: 24 months (Ink system, printheads and ink capping are not covered)
International Shipping: DHL,FedEx,By Air,By Sea

Product Highlight

Industrial Speed, Mass Production

Powder Bin Upgrade

Powder Bin Upgrade

Preheating without powder accumulation, coating enables smooth entry of hot melt powder.

Snap-On One-Touch Bin Opening

One-touch opening, easy to open the door, easy to maintain.

Cost Optimization

Batch production, labor saving, unit cost reduction.

Product Details - DTF Powder Shaker Machine S10 Dual

The Industrial DTF Powder Shaker Machine S10 Dual is a dual oven system that adds an oven to the S10 version. At the same time, it has the same superb performance as the S10. The built-in permanent purifier eliminates the need to manually change filters frequently in one step. And it can do efficient smoke removal and purification. With the use of DTF Intelligent Automated Heat Press Carousel, you can fulfill all kinds of orders more efficiently.

  • Double oven configuration, the temperature inside the oven can be adjusted to match the temperature needed for drying the film, which can achieve better results.
  • Reduced power to achieve the same product output with lower energy consumption; optional voltage to match the power output of different countries. Machine power can be adjusted to reduce energy consumption or match special voltage.
  • Pre-heated powder bin + white smooth coating, the former ensures a smooth inflow of hot melt powder in low temperature or slightly humid environment, and the latter ensures smoother powder and effectively prevents powder accumulation.
  • With an industrial grade 7″ PLC color screen, clearer and higher specification, making the operation experience feel better.
  • Built-in preheating plate to save space. Increase the oven mouth partition to lock the temperature and make the curing effect better.
  • The upgraded suction motor and built-in suction roller make the film feeding more stable, avoiding the situation of film slipping at the beginning.
  • Double oven heating tube reserved space, according to the actual need to increase the number of heating tubes.
  • Installation of oven latch to prevent misoperation or accidental scalding, and on the oven, there are heat insulation pads to protect personnel safety.
  • Powder back function, increase the powder partition, minimize the leakage of powder, and reduce the frequency of manual powder back.
  • Built-in permanent purification, effective filtration, and smoke removal, no need to replace the cartridge. Make the body size smaller, more space-saving, and more convenient to enter the house.
  • Cooling fan mouth to add anti-involvement protection cover —— to prevent hair, clothing, etc. to be sucked in, especially female workers to collect the printed film, to protect the personnel safety operation.
  • Increase the baffle to ensure neat paper collection, clip stick, and roller can be replaced to meet the roll material and flat sheet paper collection.
  • Add oil drain hole and waste oil alarm, fast oil drain, no oil accumulation, and keep the machine clean. When the waste oil reaches the limit level, the alarm reminds us to deal with it.
  • Add a lifting ring to facilitate the movement of heavy equipment, one key to open the box, easy to open the box door, and easy to maintain.
  • Prevent leakage caused by power outages or unstable voltage, and protect equipment circuits and personnel safety.
  • Industrial grade gears, more stable operation, improve service life and machine performance, protect gear work, and extend gear life.
  • Strictly selected new generation motors and parts, CEUL certified.

Professional Features - Industrial DTF Powder Shaker Machine S10 Dual

Power Protection Function

Power Protection Function: Avoid power overload, burn the machine, conducive to prolonging the service life of the machine and maintaining the lasting and stable operation of the shaking powder machine.

New Lifting Ring:  The lifting ring can facilitate the use of tools to move the machine, making it more flexible to be transported to the site and later maintenance.

Double Curing Oven
Anti-Inhalation Fan

Double Curing Oven:Meet the rapid curing requirements of batch production, high speed, high precision output.

Anti-Inhalation Fan:Prevents hair, clothes, etc. from being sucked in, especially when female workers collect the printed film to protect personnel safety.

Product Specifications - DTF Powder Shaker Machine S10 Dual

DTF Powder Shaker and Dryer
ModelDSP-1200(S10 Dual)
Operation ModePLC(SCM)Touch Screen
Max Working width1200 mm
Oven Length1620 mm
Oven Temp.Adjustable
Machine Size2377mm(L)x1838mm(w)x913mm(H)


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