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Reasons to Choose UV Printer

uv printer

Do you require printed marketing materials for your company? Or does your business model entail the creation of company documents? In either case, you will need to hire a printing service. This will necessitate the use of a specific printing…

Is UV printer environmental friendly?

Why UV printer booming innowadays digital printing market?  At present, many countries have higher and higher requirements for environmental protection in industrial production. The local departments have many rigid requirements for environmental protection. Friends who have done screen printing should…


flatbed UV printer

Model: UV-STAR III WHY CHOOSE SUBLISTAR UV FLATBED PRINTER The uv flatbed printer can also be called a universal printer, which can be applied to various materials, such as tiles, glass, background walls, PVC, acrylic, leather, handicrafts, crystal albums, suitcases,…

What’s UV DTF? How Does It Work?

Nowadays, digital printing industry has set off a frenzy of direct-to-film(DTF) printing. DTF printer is very popular in the market now. Sublistar recently launched a new technology – UV DTF printing. The biggest advantage of this new technology is that…

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