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How to Choose Heat Press Machine?

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Heat press machine is crucial component of desktop digital printing setups since they are utilized to permanently attach a transfer to a surface. Any type of transfer process, including heat transfer vinyl (HTV), printable heat transfer vinyl, inkjet transfer paper,…

The Prospects of Dye Sublimation Printing

dye sublimation printer

As an printing process, dye sublimation printing has been used for quite a while. However, the wide use of sublimation using digital inkjet printing technology began when Sawgrass Technologies introduced sublimation inks in the mid-1990’s. This introduction made possible the…

How About Our Heat Press Calender & How To Choose It?

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  With the grow up for sublimation printing business, we all know that heat press calender are important to a sublimation printing manufacture, it will directly effect your selling products like the clothes or home textile images. Today let we discuss what…

Heat Press Machine-How to Fix It

Many people are using the heat press machine, you can choose different printers according to what you want to print. First of all, we need to know how to correctly choose and use the heat press machine. Here are some…

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