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What’s the DTF Printing Shirts Pretreatment?

DTF fim Printer

Why DTF Shirts Pretreatment is Indispensable? T-shirts are always the evergreen fashion items in DTF printing industry. Taking black DTF shirts pretreatment as an example, for the black as the base color, white ink is indispensable in the printing process.…

How to Make Money by DTF printing Machine ?

Can DTF printer be suitable for street? What’s the stall economy? “Stall economy” has recently become a buzz word on China’s Internet. Since the 1980s to the 1990s, China’s “stall economy” played a great role in solving unemployment and set…

Can DTF Transfer Printer be The Replacement of DTG?

DTG, known as direct to grament printer, is the revolutionary technology in digital printing for its directly printing on the fabric. Different with traditional printing, DTG Printing has the high resolution of 2880 dpi compared with 200 dpi of traditional…

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